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  • This Budding Startup Is Changing How You Buy Flowers

    As a world champion poker player, David Daneshgar could recall a hand from two years ago as if it were dealt to him yesterday. So it wasn’t exactly dumb luck when he made it to the final round of a 2011 poker tournament at Los Angeles’ Commerce Casino. Still, he took a risky gamble, going all in on a $30,000 pot. At the flip, his opponent misread the cards and threw a premature celebration. Daneshgar knew better.
  • Three Guys, A Poker Game And A Plan To Take Down Teleflora

    Ever wonder why the bouquets you send through Teleflora or 1-800 Flowers sometimes end up looking a little…different to how they did online? It could be because florists that work with ordering services like Teleflora, FTD or 1-800 Flowers aren’t really incentivized to do a bang up job on every bunch.
  • BloomNation is changing the way we send flowers

    Enter BloomNation, a Santa Monica based start-up that’s changing the game entirely. The company was started in 2011 by best friends Farbod Shoraka, David Daneshgar and Gregg Weisstein. Since then, they have raised over $7 million from venture capitalists.
  • Florist-Friendly Marketplaces Help Local Flower Shops Hang On

    This weekend, florists across the country will send out millions of Valentine’s Day bouquets filled with roses, carnations, tulips and other blooming symbols of love. And some will lose money on almost every single sale.
  • Going Up Against Big Carnation

    BloomNation’s founders, Farbod Shoraka, David Daneshgar, and Gregg Weisstein, set out to create a different kind of e-commerce platform when they started the business in 2011—“an Etsy for flowers,” in Shoraka’s words.
  • BloomNation Looks to Grow Floral Marketplace With $5.5M in Funding

    Online flower marketplace BloomNation Inc. has raised $5.55 million for fresh growth, becoming the latest in a bunch of startups aiming overhaul the $34 billion flower industry.
  • BloomNation, A Marketplace For Local Florists, Raises $5.6 Million Series A

    BloomNation, a Santa Monica-based startup offering florists and floral designers a platform for running their business online, as well as a marketplace that connects florists and consumers, has now closed on $5.55 million in Series A funding.
  • Budding start-up aims to blossom

    Sometimes we need the perfect way to say "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you," or even "I screwed up!" But what happens when the flowers you send don't resemble what you paid for? Start-up BloomNation hopes to nip that in the bud.
  • BloomNation wants to become the Etsy of flowers

    BloomNation wants to be a different kind of online flower shop. Rather than determining designs and farming them out to local florists, the Santa Monica-based startup wants to help florists market their own unique designs in order to engender repeat customers. Basically an Etsy for florists.
  • How Three Dudes Turned Poker Winnings Into A Startup That Could Fix The Flower Business

    BloomNation takes the local artisan movement that has energized the food and craft markets and applies it to the most sentimental of transactions: sending flowers. On the company’s website, customers browse and purchase arrangements directly from local florists, who can trumpet their identities via a bio page and photos. The startup’s three co-founders aim to solve frustrations on both the buyer’s and seller’s ends:
  • As More Valentine Shopping Shifts Online, One Site Wants to Reunite You With Your Local Florist BloomNation has a proudly 'upside-down' business model

    A whopping 91 percent of Americans plan to spend money on their significant others for Valentine's Day—and nearly 40 percent of them will spend money on flowers, according to the National Retail Federation.
  • The Startups Rethinking How to Deliver Flowers This Valentine's Day

    David Daneshgar's experience as a professional poker player paid off when he won a $30,000 hand that allowed him, along with his co-founders Farbod Shoraka and Gregg Weisstein, to start the online flower marketplace, BloomNation.
  • 5 Sizzling Silicon Beach Startups to Watch

    Los Angeles’ rising tech startup scene is blowing up beyond Silicon Beach.
  • Inside the Startups Making it Easier to Buy Flowers

    A new wave of budding floral startups each have their own approach to the industry’s thorny problems. Santa Monica-based BloomNation touts itself as an “Etsy for florists.” It has built an e-commerce marketplace for brick-and-mortar florists that are already in business, so an online shopper can easily see the different options available from florists in Chicago or Memphis without going to individual florists’ websites, if they even exist.
  • BloomNation: The eBay for florists

    BloomNation founders Farbod Shoraka and Gregg Weisstein on their platform that works with local florists to deliver flowers.
  • BloomNation Plants Online Growth Seed for Local Florists

    BloomNation founder David Daneshgar and Spark Capital general partner Andrew Parker explain the development of BloomNation’s online distribution platform bringing local florists to a global audience. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”
  • BloomNation COO Gregg Weisstein: 'We Are The Etsy Of Flowers

    In an exclusive interview with Benzinga, BloomNation COO Gregg Weisstein explained how the flower delivery company is differentiating itself from its peers.
  • BloomNation gets backing from Andreessen Horowitz, a start-up that merges the florist industry with technology, received $5.55 million in Series A funding, the company announced Tuesday.
  • Fed Up With Bad Bouquets, These Friends Created the 'Etsy for Flowers'

    Ordering flowers online can be a frustrating experience. You spend a small fortune, only to have the recipient get a bouquet that looks nothing like what you thought you’d ordered.
  • Etsy-For-Flowers, BloomNation Inks Funding From Andreessen Horowitz

    Floristry upstart BloomNation today announced they raised $5.5 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Spark Capital among others.
  • How One Flower Delivery Company Got Its Start From An Epic Poker Game

    BloomNation isn't relying on poker to fund BloomNation anymore; the cofounders have raised a $1.65 million round from Spark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Chicago Ventures, Mucker Capital, and CrunchFund.
  • These Last-Minute Flowers Sites Are Ready To Swoop In And Save Valentine's Day

    We've entered the final countdown to Valentine's Day, and pressure is ON to deliver a gift that expresses love to your Valentine. A beautiful bouquet is equal parts vintage, chic and perfectly thoughtful. But if you haven't been quite so thoughtful with timing, this is MAJOR crunch time. Enter a whole suite of last-minute flower services who can get a bouquet to your door before your date even shows up. Don't forget the vase!
  • BloomNation's artsy online flower shop gets $5.6 million in funding

    Encouraging florists to be creative and a bit more tech-savvy, Santa Monica start-up is trying to slow the wilting in an industry projected to lose one in five workers over the next several years.
  • What's Silicon Beach?

    We've heard of Silicon Valley and its New York counterpart, Silicon Alley, but there's a growing group of startups based out of Venice — a.k.a. Silicon Beach. We traveled down there to talk with a few CEOs about the Los Angeles–area tech scene, and we'll be airing those conversations through the rest of the summer. Here's a preview.
  • To Adorn: Bouquets of Flowers, Designed by You

    A new nationwide flower delivery service gives you more design control over your arrangements than other online floral services. The online company has more than 3,000 florists in its inventory who list their bouquets according to color, season and occasion.
  • 25 hot Los Angeles startups you need to watch

    Los Angeles may be a few hundred miles south of Silicon Valley, but it's a hub brimming with up-and-coming tech startups.
  • Avoid These Big Online Flower Ordering Mistakes

    If you’re buying flowers online for Valentine’s Day, make sure you don’t make these mistakes.
  • BloomNation -- the ‘Etsy of Flowers’ -- Takes on Big Players

    The owners of Petals & Roots, a Queens, New York-based artisan floral shop, are busy doing -- what else -- filling hundreds of orders for Valentine's Day.
  • theSkimm: Valentine's Day '16

    Heads up: Valentine's Day is coming up. You need to get flowers for bae. Or for yourself. Don't get them from the grocery store. Get them here from the Etsy of flowers.
  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Buying Flowers Online – and How to Fix Them

    Does your boyfriend always get you the same crappy floral arrangement every holiday? The guys at BloomNation are here to help. In 2010, Farbod Shoraka, David Daneshgar and Gregg Weisstein founded a business that allows shoppers to work with local florists to design the perfect bouquet for your boo.
  • Replacing surf shops with startups, tech boom makes waves in bohemian Venice Beach

    BloomNation is featured alongside some of the largest startups in the LA area for a PBS NewsHour special.
  • 12 Awesome Presents You Can’t Gift Wrap

    Untying a bow and ripping open the wrapping paper to reveal the surprise inside is undeniably exciting… for about a minute. But it’s the holiday gifts that simply cannot be wrapped that end up sticking with you longer.
  • Why Flowers Ordered Online Don't Always Look Like Their Photo

    Ordering flowers off the Internet is a bit like online dating: When you see them in person, they don't always match their profile picture.
  • 'We started in the back of a hair salon': 4 startup stories about the move to a 'real' office space

    Moving house is headache enough, but when a move involves an entire office and a cohort of staff, it can be overwhelming to say the least.
  • Decorate Your Home With This Year's Pantone Colors

    Check out the Pantone-inspired spring arrangement created by BloomNation floral partner, Anna Held Floral Studio.
  • 5 Popular Flowers That Are Toxic for Pets

    When you or I see the first flowers blooming in the backyard, our first thought is not to eat them, because we are humans who know not to do that sort of thing. But dogs and cats don't know that, and all pet owners know that their animals have a tendency to eat whatever is put in front of them.
  • 5 Sizzling Silicon Beach Startups to Watch

    Los Angeles’ rising tech startup scene is blowing up beyond Silicon Beach. Once little more than an over-hyped nickname, Silicon Beach now sprawls outside of coastal Santa Monica and Venice deep into downtown L.A., Hollywood, Culver City and as far north as Pasadena. Startup Genome recently ranked the area third among the world’s leading startup ecosystems, behind Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.
  • The Styled Side: the bloom boom for local florists

    If you are looking to honor a mother this Sunday, flowers are always a nice way to go. But like how local bookstores took a hit when Amazon came onto the scene, florists lost the bloom of big business when national and online services such as 1-800-Flowers came around
  • 9 Party-Planning Tips You Don't Have to Be a Real Housewife to Afford

    Kevin Lee knows how to throw a party. Anyone who religiously watches Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knows this to be true; he's the brains behind Lisa Vanderpump's daughter's wedding and a number of Lisa's grand get togethers.
  • Kevin Lee, Chi-Chi-Chi & Our Hearts Will Go On

    The wedding planner to the stars Kevin Lee is here, dishing on Beverly Hills, celebrity parties, multi-million dollar weddings, and dating life!
  • 4 Wild Facts About Wedding Flowers

    Before you start fawning over flowers on Pinterest or mentally creating your centerpieces, there are a few fun facts you might want to know about some of your favorite wedding flowers first (like how expensive peonies are!). We asked four florists on to reveal some interesting tidbits about the wedding flowers that are all the rage right now.
  • Where to find last-minute Valentine's Day gifts

    Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh? Okay slackers, here's how you're going to dig your way out of a Valentine hole and do, make, or get SOMETHING for your special someone just in the nick of time.
  • Lovely Gifts Every Hostess Will Love

    Enjoying a home-cooked meal with an intimate group of friends and hitting a handful of festive cocktail parties is arguably the best part of the holiday season. But don’t forget to make the host or hostess feel appreciated because—let’s face it—putting together a special fete during an already busy time is no easy task.
  • Founders of BloomNation Interview

    Jesse chats with Gregg Weisstein, David Daneshgar and Farbod Shoraka of BloomNation.
  • BloomNation’s Shoraka on Cutting Out Delivery Middleman

    Farbod Shoraka, Co-Founder and CEO of BloomNation, an online flower marketplace, showcasing the designs of top artisan florists in over 3,000 cities nationwide, and cutting out the delivery middleman.
  • There’s a New Way to Buy Flowers This Valentine’s Day

    Startups around the country are testing out new models of buying and selling flowers that limit spoilage and lower prices. TIME breaks down their missions and where they deliver.
  • How to Deck the Halls Like a Pro

    This holiday season, there are many ways you can decorate the interior and exterior of your home. After being in the floral business for almost 30 years, we have a tip or two to share to make your home shine throughout the neighborhood.
  • How to pick the best holiday flowers

    Fresh flowers can add elegance at a holiday table and around the house, whether they are expertly arranged by a local florist or plucked from a bin at a supermarket or membership warehouse store.
  • BloomNation offers specialized holiday flower boquets

    This season, give the gift of love the best way possible: with flowers. BloomNation offers the choosy consumer a way to send flowers to anyone throughout the District. BloomNation connects customers to local florists in local markets, offering a more neighborhood focus than giant corporations may peddle. Furthermore, BloomNation grants local florists approximately 90 percent of each sale, thus further infusing the community of local growers.
  • Earthy and Elegant Winter Holiday Centerpiece

    Impress dinner guests at any winter holiday party with a sophisticated centerpiece from Debi Triola, owner of Fashions in Flowers in Northport and BloomNation florist.
  • How to Save Money on Valentine's Day Flowers

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” but may cost a lot less on Valentine’s Day. As the top-selling flower type for the Feb. 14 holiday, the rose’s increased demand and limited supply drive up costs throughout the industry, resulting in a higher market price for the consumer.
  • Seeds: Going beyond bouquet basics

    Bouquets are coming out of the vase. Competing against inexpensive supermarket roses, creative florists tempt customers with unusual arrangements. Often, these bouquets come with extra meaning, something personal to make a short-lived gift into a special lasting memento.
  • In Bloom’s Official Greater Phoenix Area Launch Party Open was hosted at We Got Flowers to celebrate the Greater Phoenix area’s launch of BloomNation and BloomNation. Guests enjoyed an open bar and food with a showcase of floral products from all over the world, live art, and learned how the flower business really works.
  • BloomNation Launches in Phoenix

    Find out how this website is connecting local florists with consumers to make sure you're getting the most for your money and boosting local business.
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide: What We're Buying the Amazing Moms in Our Lives

    From brand-new mamas to grandmas-to-be, we picked the perfect present for every mom on your list
  • How Your Smartphone Can be Your Wingman This Valentine's Day

    Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to order flowers on your mobile device.
  • Meet the Romeos spending up to $25,000 on V-Day flowers

    “They’re the Cadillac of roses,” says BloomNation co-founder David Daneshgar of Kaali’s bouquet. “With these, the relationship is in your hands.”
  • Giving Flowers as a Holiday Hostess Gift? Some Mistakes to Avoid

    You’re invited to a holiday party. So you’re thinking, I’d love to take flowers to my host/hostess. But finding the most pleasing flowers can be hard, even mystifying. We asked Julie Pogue, a designer at Palm Springs Florist in Palm Springs, California, for her guidance on how to avoid holiday hostess gift mistakes when it comes flowers. Pogue is also a florist on the flower delivery site, BloomNation.
  • The Perfect At-Home Valentine's Dinner Date

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most important date nights of the year – but it’s a whole lot of pressure. From trying to get a reservation for dinner to being rushed out to make room for the next seating, it’s not very romantic. And, it’s expensive.
  • Same-day delivery flowers in NYC

    Choose from hundreds of designs by local florists. Same-day delivery available anywhere in New York City, with delivery area and fee determined by the individual florist.
  • How to Pick Out the Right Flowers For Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day can be stressful, especially when it comes to picking out the right flowers. Whether you just started dating someone, or you've been in love a long while, Cheryl Howell from BloomNation joined GMU with tips on picking the best flowers for every stage in your relationship.
  • Fresh alternatives to traditional red-rose bouquets

    I have a small addiction to fresh flowers. I really need them in my home, or I suffer from a withdrawal that only real flowers can fix. As addictions go, it's not so bad. For less than $10 a week (lattés would cost more), I get a daily high.
  • Florist-friendly marketplaces help local flower shops hang on

    Florists say one of their biggest challenges is a behind-the-scenes margin fight that plays out every time a buyer goes online to arrange a flower delivery.
  • Flower start-ups cut out red roses for Valentine's Day

    A budding group of flower-delivery start-ups filling orders for Valentine's Day this week are shunning the most popular way to say "I love you": red roses.
  • 6 flower delivery startups you NEED to know

    BloomNation works a bit differently than the others. They connect you with local florists so your bouquets and arrangements are designed, created, and delivered by a small business in your area. This service essentially eliminates your sketchy Google searches and let’s you see all of your options (pricing included) right in front of you in one browser.
  • Best Bouquets for V-Day

    Buy the best bouquet for your sweetie no matter what type of relationship you have with them.
  • A Spring-Inspired Bouquet Tutorial

    Spring is a time of new beginnings, fresh spaces, and bright, fun colors. What do you do, however, if your space has vibrant color scheme or a very specific palette with shades that work or don’t work within it? Answer: Go bright but neutral. Check out the fun green and white arrangement by Denver Florist Bella Calla—great for freshening up your space this spring.
  • The floral industry is blooming online, just in time for Valentine’s Day

    he Valentine’s Day flowers are already ordered – all’s good, right? Well, if social media is any guide, that bouquet you ordered online often looks nothing like the one your significant other receives.
  • For Valentine's Day, skip the red roses: 9 tips for creative and less expensive bouquets

    One-fourth of all roses sold each year sell in February, according to BloomNation, a large online flower marketplace that works with top florists like Bella Calla in more than 3,000 cities to help folks send flowers far and wide. Florists sell nearly 200 million red roses for Valentine's Day alone. To meet that demand, growers have to suppress two cycles of growing, which they make up for with increased cost.
  • 14 Plants that Stand up to the Summer Heat

    Darryl Wiseman is a florist on BloomNation, an online floral service that offers same-day delivery from member florists across the country, and the owner of Darryl Wiseman Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia. Wiseman says a gerber daisy is an example of a flower that stands up to the summer heat.
  • Transform Your Boring Kitchen into a Chef's Paradise

    Kitchens are the heart of any home. With the amount of time you spend in there, it's smart to freshen things up with the occasional upgrade.
  • Bouquet businesses bloom

    So he and the two buddies, David Daneshgar and Farbod Shoraka, founded BloomNation, an online marketplace based in Santa Monica, where customers may choose floral designs created by florists around the country.
  • Funders Provide Buds of BloomNation’s Online Business

    Gregg Weisstein, chief operating officer at BloomNation, talks with Betty Liu about attracting investors and raising funds to expand their online business of connecting local florists to individual buyers across the country. He speaks on "In The Loop.” Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News, is an investor in Andreessen Horowitz.
  • World Series of Poker Champ Antes Up and Bets Big on Flowers

    Mother's Day is one of the busiest times of the year for florists. World Series of Poker Champ, David Daneshgar, tells TheStreet's Jill Malandrino,, a company he co-founded, will shake up the floral industry as he applies strategies from the poker table to the balance sheet.
  • Disruptor Brands' Personalized Spin Shakes Up Sectors

    An individual approach stands out. How industry upstarts get personal with patrons:
  • 8 Lessons From Poker That Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

    To launch online flower marketplace BloomNation, David Daneshgar brought to bear many of the skills he developed during his former career as a professional poker player.
  • Valentine's Apps to Save Any Situation

    BloomNation featured in USA Today Tech's video
  • These Stocking Stuffers Are Proof That the Best Things Come in Small (and Stylish) Packages

    People often say it’s the little things that matter most, and the same can be said about holiday gifts. In lieu of over-the-top gestures and items that cost a month’s rent—though there is certainly a market for that—the most thoughtful, useful presents often come in tiny packages. Think of it this way: Would you rather get one big, expensive gift or an entire stocking filled with your favorite things—things you never knew you needed? That’s what we thought.
  • 5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Spring Bouquet

    Flowers mark any special occasion: red roses on an anniversary, poinsettias during the holidays, white lilies for a graduation, etc. For the launch brunch of Clique Media Group’s new social media–only sister brand, Obsessee, BloomNation supplied us with gorgeous multicolored poppy arrangements.
  • 10 Crazy Bootstrapping Stories

    There's no question that turning a great idea into a profitable business is exciting. But it's tough, as well, especially if you're bootstrapping. So I wondered--what are some of the craziest things people will do to self-fund their businesses?
  • How to Get Your Christmas Tree to Last Through Christmas

    If you're getting a real Christmas tree this year, understanding trees and what they need can be the difference between one that lasts and a big brown mess of dried needles on lifeless limbs.
  • 9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated and Productive During the Holidays

    HR experts and business leaders share their strategies on how to ensure employees are productive between Thanksgiving and just after the New Year.
  • Luxe Gift Guide For Every Valentine On Your List

    We get it, not everyone is a huge fan of Valentines Day, but everyone is a fan of gifts. Here, 14 thoughtful presents for everyone from your BFF to your beau.
  • BloomNation is Succeeding in Empowering Small Businesses

    None goes into to the florist industry for the money. Florists are passionate about what they do. They should be seen as craftspeople and their work should be taken seriously. The big companies in the industry (think FTD, Teleflora, 1800Flowers) that dole out work to local florists are not only stifling their creativity, but killing their businesses. BloomNation is a flower marketplace that lets local florists showcase and sell their unique designs. Think of it as Etsy for flowers.
  • 7 Tulip Arrangements That Are Absolutely Stunning

    Spring is peak season for tulips. Take a cue from these beautiful arrangements and create your own at home.
  • Find Fresh Flowers

    BloomNation is featured on ABC's Real Biz. Watch how BloomNation is cutting out the wire-service and letting customers from all around the world shop with the best local florists.
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015

    Show your mother how special she is with these gifts that pop!
  • 25 hot Los Angeles startups you need to watch

    Los Angeles may be a few hundred miles south of Silicon Valley, but it’s a hub brimming with up-and-coming tech startups.
  • 4 Flower Delivery Services to Know

    Started by three students from the University of Chicago, BloomNation teams up with reputable local florists to deliver the freshest, most elegant arrangements. (No droopy carnations here.)
  • Springing into Spring This Morning with Fresh Flowers from BloomNation

    BloomNation and Gotham Florist featured on Fox & Friends
  • Florists Hate Valentine’s Day — BloomNation Thinks It Can Change Their Mind

    Here’s something you may not know about Valentine’s Day: many florists hate it. Americans will spend $18.9 billion on flowers, candy and more for the holiday — but the spike in demand typically does not translate into big profits for small flower shops.
  • Florists' Options Grow With New Online Shops

    Florists' options grow with new online shops:
  • Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Florist Shares Decor + Budget Tips for Your Big Day

    When Jessica Simpson married Eric Johnson last year, Mark Held — florist on and co-owner of Mark’s Garden in Sherman Oaks, CA — created a flower wonderland for the event. With amaranthus hanging from branches over the tables, it had a beautiful ballroom-meets-forest vibe. This wasn’t Mark’s first time on the celebrity wedding circuit.
  • What Is Your Table Doing New Year’s Eve?

    We all have a little post holiday entertaining-fatigue, but New Year’s Eve still lurks straight ahead. We’ve given you solutions for what to serve and drink already. But there’s no need to start over for your decor–just try altering what you already have on hand or add a few natural touches to bring the New Year’s bling to your table.
  • 11 Big Mistakes You Make Decorating for the Holidays

    Don't get us wrong: If your Christmas decor makes you happy, you're totally doing it right. But you might be missing out on some ways to make it a little easier, and more fun. Here are the missteps decorating experts notice most often:
  • The Best Flowers to Send on Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day, there's no need to panic as you attempt to select the perfect floral arrangement for that special lady in your life. We asked Matthew Heron, head florist of The Petal Workshop in Los Angeles (The Petal Workshop is also featured on online floral marketplace BloomNation), the tricks to determining what types of flowers suit a woman's style. Read on to discover foolproof blooms and what to choose even if she never buys flowers for herself.
  • 6 Seriously Rad V-Day Gift Ideas For Your Love (Or BFF)

    If all the pink and red fluffy hearts of Valentine’s Day leave you more sick-to-your-stomach than happy-in-love, we feel you. But, certainly a national holiday dedicated to love can be celebrated creatively, even if it was invented by Hallmark. Whether you’re in a relationship or want to celebrate your love for your awesome, single self, the tech-lovers and creative forces at LadyBits have put together this handy guide on how to do V-day up right.
  • 4 Dreamy Floral Arrangements to Try This Spring

    In celebration of warmer weather, we asked Ji Crowley of Gotham Florist (a premier florist on BloomNation, a marketplace for local, handcrafted arrangements) to inspire us with inventive ways to arrange and gift your favorite flowers.
  • 7 water-wise floral arranging hacks

    With oppressive drought in much of the West, we are all looking to save water and conserve every drop. Being a floral designer is a specific challenge since flowers need water from the farm to the finished arrangement. I have always considered my environmental impact of my work. I try to only buy locally grown flowers, compost all my floral waste, and now more than ever, I’m as water-wise as possible when creating floral arrangements.
  • 11 Hardy Plants That Make Fall Gardening a Breeze

    Those warm summer days seem like the perfect time to get down with your green thumb, when the weather is fine and the living is easy. But according to the pros, labeling summer as the best — and often the only — season to grow remains one of the biggest myths in the gardening community.
  • Florals For Every Mother Figure!

    Mother’s Day is coming fast and we know just the gift for every mother figure in your life: flowers! We’re not talking your average supermarket bouquet, either. We mean beautifully hand-crafted creations that show the women in our lives that we truly care.
  • 4 Better (and Budget-Friendly) Ways to Give Valentine’s Day Flowers

    This site lets you easily order flower arrangements directly from local florists, cutting out the middleman, eliminating many of the traditional fees and helping to support small businesses. We love that all photos on the site are of florists’ actual work (no stock images here) and that you can receive a “BloomSnap” of your completed order before it’s delivered—so you’ll know exactly what the recipient will get.
  • theSkimm: Mother's Day '15

    Check your calendar. Mother’s Day is coming up. And this year, you want to avoid picking up a dozen roses at the bodega before brunch. Click here, and thank us later.
  • Thanksgiving Day Décor

    The menu is planned, the day is here, and you cannot wait to have your friends and family join you for Thanksgiving Day dinner. But don’t sit down just yet. Dust off your decorating hat and add an inviting and personal touch to your home this holiday season. Here are three fun and easy ways to keep your guests talking all through dinner about your styling prowess.
  • 5 Indoor Plants to Spruce Up the Winter Months

    Plants and flowers serve multiple purposes. They are great for decorating your space and creating a natural feel. It’s also been proven that caring for and just being around plants can help reduce stress.
  • 3 Unique Color Palettes for Your Halloween Decor

    Halloween decor can be more than black cats and orange jack-o’-lanterns if you aren’t afraid to try something new. This Halloween, try using one of these unique color palettes in your Halloween decor for a look that is sure to make a killer impression.
  • In Full Bloom

    The online flower marketplace, Bloom-Nation, now offers delivery services in the Greater Phoenix area.
  • We've got your last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas right here!

    Moms have the hardest job ever. Raising a tiny human that turns into a teenager that THEN turns into an upright citizen of the world is no joke. I still can’t believe some of the wild hijinks I put my own momma through! Mother’s Day is no doubt a well-deserved holiday for these fine women. It’s just around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten your mom a gift yet, no need to worry!
  • 11 Apps + Websites That Will Save Your Valentine’s Day

    So you totally forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, or maybe work has been too crazed to plan anything — we’ve been there. If you’re the last-minute type, we’ve got some love-ly ideas that show you put some thought and effort into saying “I love you.” The best part? You can do it all from your phone. We’re not talking wilted bouquets or dusty chocolate boxes here. Check out our fave services that get fresh flowers and unique gifts to the door without the mass chaos that may ensue in the chocolate aisle.
  • The Last-Minute Guide To Perfect Mother's Day Flowers

    We spoke with Kiana Underwood, Owner of Tulipina and florist, for her tips on working with a florist to get a stunning and special arrangement, even at the last minute.
  • Your Digital Guide to Planning a Perfect Valentine's Day

    With Valentine's Day approaching, it's time to get planning the most romantic night of the year. But don't you distress, Romeo or Juliet — we tracked down five apps that will help you put together an unforgettable day, stress-free.
  • Links We Love

    Happy Friday, friends! We are welcoming the weekend with open arms (and an extra pot of coffee). We have farmers’ markets to shop, champagne to sip, and cozy pajamas to wear. Before we get to it, we’re sharing our favorite links of the week. Enjoy:
  • 14 Hostess Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

    After sharing the engagement news with friends and family, believe us—there will be crowds of people offering to throw parties in your honor. There's the classic engagement party, bridal shower and bachelorette, but don't be surprised if you get offers for brunches, luncheons and offbeat lingerie soirees as well.
  • Holiday wreaths: Spread some cheer at your doorstep

    Wreaths are about as symbolic of the holiday season as twinkling fairy lights and an inflatable Santa in the driveway. In ancient times, they were hung on the doors of Roman homes to symbolize triumph and status and given to victors of Grecian games. For Christmas, they usually assume a somewhat generic aesthetic: twisted evergreen branches, pine cones, a red bow.
  • Academy Awards Floral Designer Tips

    Mark Held, BloomNation florist and co-owner of Mark’s Garden, has been designing for the Academy Awards and A-list celebrities for many years.
  • The Guy's Guide to Buying Flowers

    To make sure you don't get scammed picking out a posy, we asked floral experts for insider tips on how (and where) to score the best deals. Here are three foolproof tips for buying your mom flowers.
  • ¿Cuáles son los regalos que siempre funcionan para San Valentín?

    Para el día de San Valentín hay una serie de regalos que siempre funcionan y nunca pasan de moda. 1. Un arreglo floral puede ser un lindo detalle para una amiga, novio, hermana o mamá. ¡Las flores gustan a todos!. "Es la fiesta número 1 para las floristerías de todo el país. Las rosas son la flor más popular en el día de los enamorados," dice David Daneshgar fundador de BloomNation.
  • Bouquets of Love: How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Mother's Day

    Want to know what type of blooms to give Mom this Sunday? We chat with three floral connoisseurs to make your (last-minute) gift a memorable pick for Mother's Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Bouquet Guide

    Floral arrangements are as unique as people. Jihyen Crowley of BloomNation, talks the language of flowerly love. Learn how to do it too!
  • Brides

    Your planner is there to help you bring your dream wedding to life. That said, a wedding planner is not your personal assistant or your family therapist — even if some brides believe that's part of the job description. Of course, planners can't tell their clients they're acting like a bridezilla, but they can tell us!
  • Wedding budget myths debunked

    Sure, in theory, DIY flower décor sounds like a great option for brides on a budget. However, it isn't always cheaper, warns Eriko Wadsworth, owner of Annalisa Style Flowers and florist on
  • 9 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning A Rural Wedding

    If you want a wedding venue that guests haven't been to before, then choosing a rural location is definitely the way to go. Before you start scouting possible places, take into account these nine mistakes couples make when planning a rural wedding.
  • April 22nd Tip of the Day

    Tip of the Day: Your floral creations should complement your wedding venue. "Consider the space you are working with — let that be your canvas for your flower inspiration. Don't try to outdo it or make it into something it's not," says Matthew Heron, florist on BloomNation and Owner and Head Florist of The Petal Workshop in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 11 ways to be a terrible bride

    "Unless he wants to go, don't drag your fiancé to all of your appointments (and be OK with it!)" -- Gabriela Solano, wedding planner at VIDA Floral and florist on
  • 5 Flowers That Can Stand Up to Summer's Heat

    Fill your summer arrangements with these hardy picks from Anaeli Sanchez, BloomNation florist and event coordinator at Floresta.
  • 8 Flower Crown-Wearing Dogs Who Are Ready For Coachella

    While Coachella-goers gearing up for the weekend are excited about the music, food, and the desert heat, one thing's for sure: fashion is big priority. All eyes will be on you and your Coachella outfit choices. If you are still contemplating on the best fashion accessory to don, take some advice from these pooches from DogVacay (a dogsitter-finding service). These Coachella-bound pups are rocking the flower crown trend (made by the company BloomNation) like they started it, and it's the cutest thing we've seen, maybe ever.
  • DIY Centerpieces for the Holidays

    When decorating for the holidays, don’t forget the table—the most popular gathering place for guests. Tablescapes are not only beautiful, they’re perfect for setting the theme of the party. And the best part is, you can make them yourself. We asked pros nationwide for tips on creating their favorite holiday centerpieces. Follow their inspiration and you’ll have guests raving as much about your table décor as your menu.
  • How To Amaze Your Valentine Without Screwing Over Your Local Florist

    Shopping online is simple: you see a picture of the thing that you want to buy, click on it, type in your credit card, and then that thing arrives on your doorstep or the doorstep of your gift recipient. This simplicity falls apart when it comes to ordering flowers online, which leads to plenty of disappointment. Here’s how to avoid that.
  • When to Scale Your Startup and When to Chill Down

    In the startup world, scaling is the key indicator of success; a startup that can offer sizable scale in a relatively short period of time often attracts the best and biggest investors. Those companies that fail to grow fast, well, ultimately fail; thus is the inherent nature of the startup.
  • 13 gift ideas for mom

    The countdown is on. One more week until Mother’s Day. To help lighten your load, we searched local stores and a few websites to find the greatest gifts for your mom, grandmother, aunt or special lady friend.
  • 5 LA-based on-demand startups making your life way easier

    LA is a big town, so anytime we can make things more efficient and simple, we're in. On-demand apps are nothing new to LA, but with fresh, convenient ones popping up every day, how could we resist making sure you know about all the ways to make your life even easier?
  • How to pick flower arrangements for your next party

    I spoke with florist Shelley Montoya, of Here Come the Blooms in Los Alimitos, California, on BloomNation. BloomNation is a little like Etsy for florists. You search local florists’ designs–no cookie cutter arrangements here–and they send you a picture of the actual arrangement before it’s sent.
  • It Is Now Possible to Buy Tulips With Bitcoin

    The floral startup BloomNation is now accepting Bitcoin for its products. That means it’s now possible to buy floral arrangements with bitcoin—and, more importantly, to convert bitcoins into tulips, exchanging one famously volatile currency for another.
  • These Guys Are Redefining How We “Say it With Flowers”

    The “Bloom Boyz” were tired of disappointing the ladies in their lives, so they decided to play some poker.
  • Jameson: Beyond standard red roses, Valentine's Day flower ideas

    Pick a different flower, go for a short arrangement, try an unusual container to make a statement on Valentinue's Day
  • How to Create a Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

    With party season in full swing, it’s a perfect time to fill your space with beautiful blooms and the festive scent of pine. Winter brings pretty greens that have great lasting powers, wonderful textures, and berries, as well as the return of peonies. It’s one of my favorite times of the year to bring fresh flowers into your home to add color and warmth while the world outside is covered in snow.
  • Guide to Indoor Plants

    Like most things in life, hibernation is much more bearable when pretty pops of color are involved. This year, add a little bit of spring to your winter by picking out some indoor plants.
  • BloomNation Seeks to Help Florists Grow by Creating a New Marketplace

    After every Valentine’s Day, try going to the twitter page for 1-800-Flowers. It’s not a pretty sight. Angry customers complain about the flowers they receive—or didn’t receive—or the quality of the stems, or the way that the flowers looked absolutely nothing like the picture they’d ordered online.
  • BloomNation snips off a fresh $5.55M for its virtual flower mall

    BloomNation, a three year-old company that thinks flower shopping should be just as easy as shopping anywhere online, announced $5.55 million in a new round of funding.
  • 11 Things Wedding Planners Can't Say To Your Face

    "Unless he wants to go, don't drag your fiancé to all of your appointments (and be ok with it!)" — Gabriela Solano, wedding planner at VIDA Floral and florist on
  • 5 More Successful Businesses That Started With a Simple Idea

    Starting a business may appear daunting, but it’s really not difficult. Many people believe that most new businesses fail within three years. While most will fail, the truth is that you can start one with a simple idea.
  • New Product Grab Bag: Multipurpose Projector, Phone Case for Paranoids, More

    BloomNation. This “Etsy for Flowers” lets you shop directly with artisan florists, cutting out traditional middleman sites like 1-800-Flowers. All photos on the site are of the florists’ actual work. You even receive photos of your exact flowers before hand delivery, so what you see is what you’ll get.
  • BloomNation Growing, Closes $5.5M for Floral Marketplace

    Online flower marketplace BloomNation Inc. has raised $5.55 million for fresh growth, becoming the latest in a bunch of startups aiming overhaul the $34 billion flower industry.
  • The thorny issue of Valentine's Day rose pricing

    A dozen red roses from different vendors may sound like the same flower, but they may not all, figuratively, smell as sweet. Indeed, they can be significantly different, says Gregg Weisstein, co-founder and chief operating officer of - a marketplace for more than 2,000 local florists.
  • BloomNation collects $5.55 mln Series A

    Los Angeles-based online flower marketplace BloomNation has secured $5.55 million in Series A funding. The investors included Andreessen Horowitz, Ronny Conway, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures and Mucker Capital.
  • This Poker-Funded Startup Is Revolutionizing The Flower Industry

    Enter, a marketplace that florists around the U.S. can join for free. Florists can upload pictures of their own products — no longer having to rely on wire services' stock photos — and name them, too.
  • Media Guy Mailbag: The 'Snapchat for Flowers' Fires Back

    First I want to note that while most of the reader feedback I get comes to me by email or via social media, sometimes folks still physically send stuff -- or even have it hand-delivered. Case in point: A flower arrangement that recently arrived at Ad Age headquarters in Manhattan.
  • How To: Boost Online Sales

    You don’t have a website just because everybody else does. Your business’s online hub should actively help you make money. It’s great to have people coming to visit you, but if they aren’t buying anything, what’s the point?
  • More funding for flower startups: Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital back BloomNation

    On Thursday, BloomNation, a Los Angeles-based company that enables local florists to reach consumers through an online marketplace, said it raised $1.65 million from a group of top investors. The seed round included Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures, CrunchFund and MuckerLab.

  • BloomNation, an online flower marketplace, has raised $5.55 million for fresh growth, becoming the latest in a bunch of startups aiming to overhaul the $34 billion flower industry.

    Ronny Conway’s new fund A Capital led the round, with participation from existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital and Chicago Ventures.
  • 9 ways to keep employees motivated and productive during the holidays

    HR experts and business leaders share their strategies on how to ensure employees are productive between Thanksgiving and just after the New Year.
  • Bitcoin could become gold standard at Ft. Knox florist

    Flower shop Petals and Blooms, located inside a Kentucky military base, now accepts the virtual currency Bitcoin for online purchases.
  • Made in LA: BloomNation

    BloomNation is known as “the Etsy for flowers.” It is the world’s largest online flower marketplace that allows you to shop directly with top artisan florists and their original creations in over 3,000 cities nationwide. All photos on BloomNation are of the florists’ actual work; stock images aren’t permitted.
  • Bitcoin Giving Local Small Businesses a Boost

    Tech and computer company Dell just became the largest e-commerce business to accept bitcoin, the digital form of currency fast becoming the way to fund online transactions. Other retailers like and even the dating site OK Cupid already bitcoin. But it`s also giving local small businesses a boost.
  • Send Friends, Family Spring Bouquets From

    David Daneshgar, Co-Founder of the online floral marketplace,, stopped by KCAL9 Monday to share floral tips and trends when it comes to sending a holiday hostess flowers she loves!

  • Los Angeles Florists Featured on BloomNation

    Valentine's Day arrangements from top Los Angeles florists are available on BloomNation.
  • BloomNation Grows $5.6 Million Series A Round has raised $5.6 million in Series A funding, money that will go toward expanding its team and further developing its online marketplace for florists.
  • Faces of Silicon Beach: BloomNation

    Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, follows up with Farbod Shoraka, David Daneshgar and Greg Wisstein of BloomNation after their series A funding. Based in Los Angeles, BloomNation is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and send unique floral creations by local artisans across the country.
  • BloomNation CEO delivers ‘Etsy for flowers’

    A couple of months ago, a friend of mine had outpatient surgery, so I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her apartment from the gang of gals we have brunch with once a month.
  • Our Interview With BloomNation is a homegrown Silicon Beach business that supports local, artisan florists. In the old days, when people needed flower arrangements for special occasions, they would stop by in at their neighborhood florist and discuss their needs and budget for the arrangement.
  • New online flower service helps florists in Inland Empire, nation

    The online startup BloomNation, based out of Santa Monica, is helping local florists connect more closely to customers in the Inland Empire and nationwide.
  • BloomNation, the "Etsy for flowers," scores $5.55M

    BloomNation, an online flower marketplace calling itself the “Etsy for Flowers,” has just raised a $5.55 million Series A round led by Ronny Conway, Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures and Mucker Capital.
  • Gets $5.55M For Local Flower Delivery

    Santa Monica-based, the online floral arrangement marketplace headed by Farbod Shoraka, has raised $5.5M in a funding round, the company said this morning. The funding came from Ron Conway, Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, and Chicago Ventures.
  • 'Silicon Beach' brings tech boom to Los Angeles

    So long Silicon Valley. These days entrepreneurs and engineers are flocking to a place better known for wave surfing than Web surfing. Amid the palm trees and purple sunsets of the Southern California coastline, techies have built "Silicon Beach."
  • How 3 Poker Players Used Their Winnings to Build Their Startups

    The mindset that breeds success at the poker table is one every entrepreneur needs to master.
  • Rare, carnivorous and beautiful: Where to see the most incredible flowers in the world

    In spite of fears that the floral industry has been wilting in recent years, there is still hope yet as Santa Monica based online florist BloomNation has just received a whopping $5.5 million funding.
  • BloomNation looks to change floral industry

    BloomNation co-founder David Daneshgar on taking on the floral industry.
  • Buy Your Mom Some Flowers With Bitcoin

    BloomNation CEO and Co-Founder Farbod Shoraka discusses why his flower company accepts Bitcoin. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.
  • Branch Out With Unique Floral Arrangements from BloomNation

    Branch out this Valentine’s Day with a unique flower arrangement for your sweetheart with help from BloomNation.

    Farbod Shoraka, CEO of BloomNation, and Seed Floral Couture owner, Stephanie Elhayani, visited the KCAL9 studios Tuesday.

  • Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Get Now Without Leaving Your Desk

    It seems so cliché. It is. But every girl – and many men – appreciates flowers on Valentine's Day. But who is still taking orders and delivering at this late date? And how do you know your loved one won't just get the leftovers? Enter
  • BloomNation Provides Online Mini-Storefronts to Their Independent Florists

    Other companies such as BloomNation, for example, also provide online mini-storefronts to their independent florists, giving them the advantages of the parent label’s marketing, customer base, and operational tools. BloomNation, however, lets its florists white label these tools and sell their wares under their own brands.
  • Startups Challenge Traditional Flower Delivery Services For Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there’s a new crop of flower companies vying for your order. Each say they offer better service and better prices than the big online flower delivery companies by cutting out the middlemen.
  • Wedding Experts Predict Which Trends Are Making Their Way Out

    Every wedding is uniquely amazing in our book — be it big or small, formal or casual, traditional or modern. And there are as many ways to throw a wedding as there are brides, but that doesn't mean certain ideas don't become popular and ever-present at nuptials. Curious to know what trends have been white hot in the world of weddings but might be making their way out? We asked experts for their opinions.
  • BloomNation COO Gregg Weisstein: 'We Are The Etsy Of Flowers'

    One of the reasons florists want to work with BloomNation, according to Weisstein, is that the platform does not have fees and takes only about 10 percent of florist sales versus 40 percent that is taken by competitors. 10 percent is inline with other online marketplaces, such as Amazon.
  • BloomNation raises $5.5 million in Series A funding

    BloomNation, a Los Angeles-based floral delivery startup that has University of Chicago roots, announced Tuesday it had raised $5.55 million to close its Series A funding. The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures and Ronny Conway, son of SV Angel co-founder Ron Conway, the company said in a news release.
  • ‘The Etsy for flowers’ raises $5.5M

    BloomNation, an online marketplace that calls itself “the Etsy for flowers,” closed on a $5.55 million financing round with backing from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Chicago Ventures, CrunchFund and A Capital founded by Ronny Conway.
  • The Download: BloomNation expands in D.C. region

    BloomNation expanded into the Washington region last week, giving the romantic and the remorseful the ability to order flowers directly from local florists in an online marketplace.
  • A Bitcoin Valentine's Day in San Francisco

    Order flowers using bitcoin through Santa Monica-based startup BloomNation. The company lets florists post pictures of their arrangements online and emails images to their buyers before they're delivered. It serves thousands of cities across the country, according to co-founder and chief executive Farbod Shoraka.
  • Spring means flowers are in bloom, and a New York expert tells you how to arrange them and keep them healthy

    BloomNation lets you search by city and connects you to local florists from there. “It’s like an Etsy for flowers, all based on local hand-deliveries,” says co-founder David Daneshgar.
  • JessicaShops: Flowers for mom

    If you have ever ordered flowers online and then discovered the delivered product was not quite what you thought, you will appreciate this new website.
  • theSkimm: Valentine's Day '15

    So our calendar tells us Valentine’s Day is coming up. You can hate, but you still have to send flowers. We just found the Etsy of flowers. Click here. You’re welcome. And yes, we’ll be your Valentine.
  • September 10th Tip of the Day

    Tip of the Day: Floral decorations do not always have to be elaborate to have an impact. Think about having your florist craft wire into shapes that are light, airy and can be hung with ribbon.
  • THE Most Popular Flowers For Each Month Of Spring

    To celebrate we asked florist Stephanie Elhayani Davidson, owner of Seed Floral Couture, to share the most-requested and most-adored flowers for each month of spring. The results?
  • Blooming Brilliant

    A friend just helped you score your dream job, and you want to send flowers that say you’re my hero in the most tasteful way possible

  • 10 Lies Pinterest Tells Us About Weddings

    We have a total love-hate relationship with Pinterest. On one hand, it’s an amazing source of inspiration that lures us in every single time with all its pretty wedding pictures, but on the other, it’s a bold-faced liar that makes us believe we can have the wedding of our dreams on a beer budget (uh, yeah right!).
  • Buy Hand-Crafted Floral Designs through BloomNation

    Introducing, an online marketplace that lets you buy hand-crafted floral designs directly from top florists nationwide. This affords you, the consumer, with the opportunity to choose from the actual designs created by the florists and brings the personalized (and easy) experience of walking into a flower shop online.
  • A preview of which flowers you'll be seeing the most in arrangements this season

    If you're planning to kick off the season by sending blooms to your favorite people, consider, a new company that give you access to local artisan florists in your neighborhood (such as Seed Floral Couture, based in Los Angeles)
  • 17 Ways to Make Your Valentine's Day Rock

    Don't let the commercials and Hallmark aisles fool you. Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for lovers, it's a day devoted to celebrating all forms of love. We rounded up some amazing ways to celebrate. (Whether you're making plans with yourself or someone else!)
  • 11 Wedding Trends That Are Out For 2016

    Sharyl LaBelle, BloomNation florist and owner of Promises Floral and Gift Studio is thankful that submerged cylinders are on the way out. "Salmon and coral are also almost ready to go," she says.
  • The Most Popular Flowers For Each Month Of Spring

    To celebrate we asked florist Stephanie Elhayani Davidson, owner of Seed Floral Couture, to share the most-requested and most-adored flowers for each month of spring. The results?
  • 11 Biggest Holiday-Decorating Mistakes

    Don't get us wrong: If your Christmas decor makes you happy, you're totally doing it right. But you might be missing out on some ways to make it a little easier, and more fun. Here are the missteps decorating experts notice most often:
  • Try This New Website to Send Valentine’s Day Flowers:

    When sending flowers to loved ones, there’s nothing more convenient than ordering them online. But the cost of that convenience often means pricier bouquets, not to mention service fees and shipping.
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful bouquet! Find the perfect arrangement at BloomNation.
  • 6 Simple ways to make your kitchen look more modern

    You've probably heard this factoid before: The kitchen is the most used room in the house. It's where you lovingly prepare family meals, bake birthday cakes and sneak a secret cocktail so you can make it through Christmas dinner without snapping at your mother-in-law. It stands to reason that if you spend the most time in one room, you should actually like the way it looks.
  • How to throw a Boho wedding that could rival Poppy Delevingne's Moroccan Bash

    Floral arrangements that look perfectly imperfect are essential for boho celebrations. "Think bouquets of grass and garden roses arranged to look as if they were just picked and bunched together with a thick satin ribbon bow," florist Lori Carrillo-Young, partner at Fleur*t says
  • 2014 Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Because you love your mom. And your wife. And maybe even your wife's mom.
  • Artisan Floral Bouquet From!

    We can think of no better way to usher in the new season than by giving or getting a beautiful bouquet of fresh local flowers! Meet BloomNation, a start-up that partners with top local artisan florists in your city to deliver unique designer floral arrangements that will put your typical online florist's cookie cutter bouquets to shame.
  • Why You Need to Go Local for Flowers This Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day is easily one of the most significant holidays on the calendar — and certainly not one to forget or make a bad flower buying choice. It is the day to honor that amazing lady, who not only is your mom, but is your friend, your personal cab service, chef, and maid (to name but a few titles) as you grew up.
  • How we buy flowers online is changing: Meet BloomNation, 'The Etsy for flowers'

    There are many things that make BloomNation a powerhouse in the flower industry. For one thing, they have one of the coolest start-up stories ever: The initial funding for the operation came from a poker tournament they entered – and won. For another, they’re making the experience of buying flowers online unique and personal by cutting out the middlemen who make it otherwise.
  • Picking your bridesmaid bouquets? Here are 5 really, really important things to consider

    “Matching flowers to bridesmaids gowns can be overwhelming,” Danielle Thompson, head designer of Agoura Hills Floral Design and a florist on BloomNation, which is the Etsy of arrangements, told me.
  • 7 Tips to Sending Yourself 'Secret Admirer' Flowers on V-Day

    Remember when Cher sent herself flowers in “Clueless”? We’ve all been single during at least one Valentine’s Day. It’s both pressure-free and totally depressing. Single ladies, stop complaining! It’s time to show yourself a little bit (or a lot) of love. Who needs a man?
  • Daytime BloomNation

    Bloom Nation is a great new online marketplace to get the flowers you actually SEE in the picture on the site!  No more surprises.

  • How to Get Your Small Business Partnered with Yelp

    Farbod Shoraka and David Daneshgar – are the co-founders of Bloom Nation, which is the world’s largest online marketplace for hand delivered artisanal floral bouquets. BloomNation is the first flower service to partner with the Yelp Platform.
  • Past NVC Winner’s Business is Blooming

    Booth alum, NVC winner, poker champion, entrepreneur par excellence and more – David Daneshgar '12 shares with us his exciting journey that led to (in partnership with Gregg Weisstein, COO and Farbod Shoraka, CEO). 

  • Floral Flush: Ace Poker Player Antes up for Startup to Keep Struggling Florists in Business

    After spending months talking with small independent florists in Los Angeles, Daneshgar and Shoraka came up with a business plan to help the mom-and-pop flower ops get back on their feet via an online site that would enable anyone to hire local florists to prepare and hand-deliver bouquets in the same area as their recipients.
  • Starting a Floral Business: Tips on Seed Money, Salary, More

    When the flower shop where she worked closed, Amy McManus figured she could open her own in the Baltimore neighborhood of Canton, which lies along the city’s outer harbor. It didn’t faze her that she had only three years of retail floral experience.
  • Kim Coindashian? How bitcoin is going the way of the tulip

    Thanks to a start-up flower-seller called BloomNation, you can now buy tulips with bitcoin. We’ve built the whole thing now, folks. We can all go home.
  • You can use bitcoin for Mother’s Day

    Bankrate has already written about tips to use credit cards to mitigate Mother's Day expenses. But you also can use bitcoin to buy something for the mother(s) in your life.
  • This floral startup just closed US$5.5 million in Series A funding

    Santa Monica based startup BloomNation offers florists and floral designers a platform for running their operations online. It was founded in 2011 by David Daneshgar, Gregg Weisstein and Farbod Shoraka. In the early days the trio decided to stay away from outside investors, instead choosing to fund the venture themselves.
  • 6 Ways To Green Your Valentine's Day Flowers This Year

    Valentine’s Day is around the corner — the day when 37.8% of Americans buy flowers. If you want to buy flowers for this occasion (or any other), without harming the planet or farm workers in developing countries, here are some easy steps you can take to go green:
  • Sustainable Valentine's Day flowers: Your online options are blooming

    Once upon a time, purchasing flowers for Valentine's Day meant a trip to the neighborhood florist, where a shopper would pick out a dozen roses to be delivered to a loved one. Several years and multiple startups later, our shopping habits have changed-- but the recent popularity of online floral delivery sites is not just about convenience. The growing interest in sustainability has led to a greater focus on domestic, seasonal and locally grown flowers.
  • 6 Pro Tips to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

    Oodles of moms around the world scored a beautiful bouquet yesterday for being so awesome—and even though those fresh cut flowers won’t last forever, there are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind to make them last as long as possible.
  • BloomNation Re-defines Online Floral Arrangement Sales

    The BloomNation team’s goal is to allow the consumer to have essentially the same experience online as they would making the transaction at a florist in person. It’s especially important, Shoraka says, to maintain the florist/consumer relationship that is vital to the consumer’s satisfaction with the end product.
  • Clever Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

    No matter what kind of wedding flowers you have you can save money and go green by reusing them throughout your wedding weekend. Repurposing, just like recycling, is a great way to keep both the cost down and stay "green" and there are many creative way to reuse flowers on your big day.
  • BloomNation, digital flower delivery service, announces initial financing

    Floristry upstart BloomNation today announced they raised $5.5 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Spark Capital among others.
  • Sustainable flowers take root at Whole Foods, startups

    Valentine's Day and Mother's Day stack up to make the first half of the year a big deal for the flower industry. But does anybody care about sustainability when it comes to this market?
  • 8 Great Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy from Your Computer

    Of course you’re going to order flowers. The question is, from whom? If your mom’s at all geeky, she’ll appreciate an arrangement from BloomNation, which connects you directly to artisan florists all over the country
  • BitBeat: Coinbase Promotes Bitcoin Discounts; Ripple Hits LatAm

    Coinbase says three of its merchant clients – online florist BloomNation, bitcoin-focused e-commerce site BitDazzle and bulk gift card discounter eGifter – have so far signed up for the service.
  • Entrepreneurs Jump on the Bitcoin Bandwagon

    The media is covering it. Universities are studying it. The government is seeking to regulate it. And entrepreneurs are embracing it. Business owners throughout the country have begun to accept bitcoin as the currency of the future.
  • BloomNation Raises $5.5M Series A from Ronny Conway, Andreessen Horowitz & Others

    BloomNation has just announced the closing of a $5.5 million round of Series A financing for its online marketplace for top florists and floral designers in the country. The round was led by Ronny Conway, Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital and Chicago Ventures.
  • How to Take Control of Your Career

    Then we are joined by Farbod Shoraka, founder and CEO of, an online marketplace that allows customers to discover and purchase floral designs from flower shops all over the country.
  • BloomNation sees itself as the budding Uber of the flower business

    There are plenty of ways to send flowers to someone in another city. You can use national distributors like 1800flowers, or search Google for a florist in the city where you want the delivery to happen.
  • From Poker to Roses: How David Daneshgar Cashed in his Chips for Social Good

    In 2006, David Daneshgar was one of the top 5 poker players in the world. Now he’s dedicated to helping out his local florists.
  • BloomNation Raises $1.65M to Help Florists Grow Sales Online

    A Santa Monica startup called BloomNation is on a mission to help florists sell arrangements to local customers more profitably than they might working as franchisees, or as suppliers to industry giants like 1-800-Flowers, FTD Inc. or Teleflora.

  • BloomNation, A Platform For Local Florists, Raises $1.65M From Andreessen Horowitz & Others

    BloomNation, a startup building a marketplace for florists and floral designers, has closed on $1.65 million in seed funding, the company is announcing today. The round was led by Chris Dixon at Andreessen Horowitz, and includes participation from Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures, and CrunchFund.

  • Still no Mother's Day gift? It's not too late with these mobile apps

    Flowers: A Mother's Day gift idea that never fails. has made a name for itself alongside big-name companies by taking a personalized approach to ordering flowers online. All you have to is input your ZIP Code to shop and find a selection of flower arrangements that a local florist has actually designed, but without the extra service fees.

  • Buy Valentine’s Day flowers with Bitcoin CEO Farbod Shoraka on the company’s decision to accept Bitcoin.
  • Successful Leaders On What It Takes to Be Fearless

    He and his partners got the idea to build an online marketplace that connected customers directly with florists, enabling them to get exactly what they wanted instead of relying on stock photos that didn’t always reflect what was delivered.
  • These Startups Found Unusual Ways to Get Funded

    Former investment banker Farbod Shoraka is co-founder and CEO of BloomNation, an online flower marketplace. He got the inspiration from seeing bland designs online and deciding that he could do better.
  • How to Take Risks Like a Pro

    There are 22.9 Million small businesses in the United States, each with an entrepreneur behind it. These innovative minds are what our country was founded on and part of what makes America great. Passionate entrepreneurs can make it big, regardless of their background, education, or a down turned economy--as long as they are willing to take a risk.
  • 10 Gorgeous Houseplants Even You Can Keep Alive

    Home decor can be a tricky thing to perfect if you don't have the right eye, but we feel pretty confident saying that any and all spaces can be brightened and improved by a few well-placed plants. The issue we struggle with is that we're busy women without much extra time to dedicate to plant upkeep, so what we REALLY need is plants that just ... keep themselves alive.
  • Buy Tulips With Bitcoin

    The floral startup BloomNation is now accepting Bitcoin for its products. That means it’s now possible to buy floral arrangements with bitcoin—and, more importantly, to convert bitcoins into tulips, exchanging one famously volatile currency for another
  • At BloomNation, A Rose Can Be Much More Than A Rose

    We all know the stereotype of the busy businessman asking his secretary to order flowers for his wife on her birthday. He dashes out the request and then (presumably, because the movies / Mad Men never seem to show this part) the secretary rushes to the florist or places a phone call to make sure the Boss Man doesn’t get in trouble on this special day.

  • LA tech roundup: WhipClip is unleashed on the public, 4 month old HONK raises $12M, Yelp teams up with BloomNation and more

    Yelp is expanding its on-demand services including flowers orders via BloomNation
  • WSOP Winner Quits the Game, Bets Big on Flowers, Plans for a Spectacular Bloom

    We’ve talked about his interesting background; great win of the World Series of Poker in 2008 and his thoughts on the game, his newest business venture, Bloomnation, Venture Capitals, business school, and amazing shouting matches with his two awesome partners.

  • Analytics Guide Business Model of New National Florist Network

    Gregg Weisstein, chief operating officer for BloomNation, describes his company as the first online floral marketplace where florists can display their own content, such as photos of bouquets.  Founded in August 2011 and headquartered in Los Angeles, BloomNation’s team brings their expertise with code to the flower business.

  • Floral marketplace provider BloomNation raises $1.65 mln

    BloomNation Launches Free Online Platform To Help Local Florists Connect With Consumers And Grow Their Businesses

    Raises $1.65 Million from Top Investors Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures, CrunchFund and MuckerLab

  • From card games to credit cards: 3 start-ups' funding tales

    Former investment banker Farbod Shoraka is co-founder and CEO of BloomNation, an online flower marketplace. He got the inspiration from seeing bland designs online and deciding that he could do better.
  • The Most On-Trend Flowers For Each Month Of Spring

    If you're planning to kick off the season by sending blooms to your favorite people, consider, a new company that give you access to local artisan florists in your neighborhood (such as Seed Floral Couture, based in Los Angeles)—plus the ability to compare designs and prices, and their genius "BloomSnap" feature that sends you a photo of the arrangement before it goes out to your mother/best friend/designer.
  • The Most On-Trend Flowers For Each Month Of Spring

    Let's talk (flower) shop. While there's nothing better than receiving fresh flowers on Valentine's Day, there's nothing worse than a half-fresh bouquet not even worthy of Instagram . . . rough, we know. Luckily, there are a few movers and shakers in the floral industry looking to forever change the way we send and receive blooms.
  • 12 Things the Maid of Honor Can't Forget to Do the Morning of the Wedding

    You'll want to be certain everything is laid out in advance, from undergarments to shoes to jewelry, so there's no last minute scrambling to find those heirloom earrings or an extra pair of hose, advises wedding planner at L.A. Botanicals and florist on, Joyce Geissinger.
  • BloomNation Returns to its Roots with Chicago Launch

    After two successful years in Los Angeles, BloomNation launches in Chicago, the city where the idea for the online floral service originally took root. When co-founder and chief marketer David Daneshgar was studying for his MBA at the University of Chicago, his idea—developed with partners Farbod Shoraka and Gregg Weisstein—won the university’s New Venture Challenge.

  • Delivering the Goods:Dinner Party Essentials

    Why we love it: Co-founded by Booth School of Business grad David Daneshgar, this online service lets you select your dream floral arrangement from local florists like Bukiety, Mudd Fleur and Dilly Lily. Best of all, BloomNation sends you a “BloomSnap” photo of your actual arrangement before it leaves the store to make sure you approve.
  • 5 Scents to Turn to When You’re Stressed Out of Your Mind

    If you find yourself staring at the clock in the wee hours of the morning or with a neck full of knots after a long day, you may need some help de-stressing. While an hour-long massage is our favorite way to unwind, there are easier (and cheaper!) ways to go about it, especially when you incorporate relaxing scents.
  • 4 Startups to Help You Send Fresh, Beautiful, and On-Demand Flowers this Valentine’s Day

    On-demand delivery for all kinds of products and services is becoming more and more common. This is particularly good news for the procrastinators among us, especially when it comes to gift giving. Flower delivery is one area where this business model is being perfected. In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of on-demand flower delivery services that offer same day delivery around the country.
  • Potted Flower Centerpieces And Other Eco Floral Trends

    Potted plant centerpieces and cut stems in eco-friendly containers can make beautiful wedding reception flowers. EcoChic Floral, a sustainability focused flower studio in Austin, Texas, shares some of this season's greenest flower ideas:
  • Show your work: BloomNation gives local florists a platform

    Apprehensive about ordering flowers online? Startup Internet flower marketplace BloomNation wants to snap you out of it.
  • Spark Capital-backed BloomNation launches service for florists in Boston

    BloomNation, a Los Angeles-based startup backed by Boston venture firm Spark Capital, is officially launching its online marketplace for artisan florists in Boston this week
  • CHI-lebrity's Top 3 Wedding Flower Trends

    For stylish blooms on your big day, CHI-lebrity is here to give you the ultimate flower inspiration, VIP style. We tapped into the expertise of Kathy Benetatos, co-owner of Mudd Fleur and a florist on, to count down the top 3 wedding flower trends to try right now.
  • A New Flower Delivery Service Blooms in Boston

    New to the Boston region, BloomNation is a marketplace (a la Etsy), where local florists can create a profile and sell their products online. Shoppers love it because of thoughtful extras like the “BloomSnap,” a photo of the bouquet as it goes out for delivery.
  • Holiday wreaths

    Looking to put a spin on the traditional holiday wreath? Showing us how to do that was Jeanne Ha from Park Florist!
  • Celebrity Florist Shares Simple, Effective Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tips

    Check out BloomNation floral partner Designs By David giving KCAL insight on Thanksgiving flowers.
  • BloomNation featured on Las Vegas's KTTV—FOX 5 News

    Watch Co-Founder David Daneshgar discuss the mistakes to avoid when ordering flowers online.
  • WGNO Features Mona's Accents and BloomNation

    Where Does The World Champ of Poker Live? In BloomNation!
  • Fall floral trends with Riley's Florist

    Watch the video above for fall floral arrangement trends with Riley's florist. To order a floral arrangement from Riley's Florist visit the website here or for Riley's Florist and other local florists check out
  • BloomNation Features Las Vegas's Top Florists

    Break away from those cookie-cutter floral designs and try something new this Valentine's Day! Watch today to find out how one website can help you find top florists around the country.

  • The 504: Beautiful summer bouquet

    David and Roger talk about how could help local florists like Villere’s reach even more customers. Roger also shows off a beautiful summer bouquet and tells us how to care for it.
  • Easter Cocktails

    Lauren DeSantis, the editor and producer of Capital Cooking, came on the show to whip up some Easter-inspired
  • BloomNation on NBC Connecticut

    Local florist Dutch Flower Lady is featured on NBC Connecticut. Shop with BloomNation to connect directly with a local florist for your holiday centerpiece.

  • Discover naughty, nice holiday party essentials

    BloomNation and local florist Flowers by Gina D were highlighted on Baltimore's NBC affiliate WBALTV News.

  • A do-it-yourself arrangement with the latest floral trend

    BloomNation floral partner Riley's Florist in St. Louis shows you how to create a succulent arrangement at home.
  • BloomNation's Goal To Empower Your Local Florist, And Improve Flower Delivery

    If you've ever ordered flowers from one of the big floral services, you know it's an impersonal, cookie-cutter, and heavily commoditized area. Those services work on volume, and the designs you can send--and which you receive--are from a limited selection, not at all personalized to the recipient, and for the florist delivering the flowers, provides slim margins and no opportunity to build a customer base. Los Angeles-based BloomNation is looking to change the model

  • Online flower retailer delivering to Waltham area

    BloomNation, an online marketplace that allows customers to discover and purchase handcrafted floral designs from top florists in the country, is delivering to the Waltham area, according to the company
  • Same Budget, Better Choices: Small Biz Growth Comes from Smarter Marketing

    As we enter the sixth year following the recession, small businesses are still struggling during the slow recovery. Tepid sales require an extra boost to stay afloat. More capital, however, is not the answer; the real “stimulus” is to get smarter about how they reach their target customers.
  • BloomNation, Seeded in Chicago, Raises a $5.5 Million Series A to Disrupt the Flower Industry

    A startup that was seeded in Chicago continues to grow. - the world’s largest online marketplace for hand-crafted, locally-delivered flowers - announced its $5.55 million Series A this morning; the round was led by serial investor Ronny Conway and he was joined by repeat-backers Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital and Chicago Ventures.
  • 6 Leaders Share Their Secrets For How To Be Fearless About Money And Life

    This former World Series of Poker champion left the world of high-stakes card games to become an entrepreneur, cofounding BloomNation after his friend complained that his aunt’s florist business was being hurt by competition from online floral websites.

  • The hidden business lessons in poker and using winnings as startup funding isn't as crazy as it sounds

    David Daneshgar and his partners Farbod Shoraka and Gregg Weisstein were in the process of building the first website for their new business idea, BloomNation, a Los Angeles-based marketplace for local florists
  • The Disruptors: The End of “Business as Usual”

    From business services to style and fashion, new business models are disrupting industries, and Southern California is home to some key trendsetters.
  • Is Your Idea Worth the Risk?

    There are 22.9 Million Small Businesses in the United States, each with an entrepreneur behind it. The lucky folks who possess that entrepreneurial spirit can very well make it big - regardless of their background, education, or a downturned economy.
  • BloomNation floral delivery sprouts in Chicago with local funding

    BloomNation, a Los Angeles-based floral delivery startup that wants to give local florists an alternative to the large national networks that dominate the industry, is launching in Chicago with fresh capital from local investors.

  • BloomNation blossoms with $5.55 million Series A round

    Online flower delivery is burgeoning in Los Angeles. has closed $5.55 million in Series A financing in a round led by previous investors Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures and Mucker Capital, with Rony Conway joining this time as well. This latest funding brings the Santa Monica startup’s total financing to $7.25 million.
  • The Pipeline: A $22B WhatsApp, Instagram gets a COO, and BloomNation sees green, the "Etsy for flowers," has closed $5.55 million in Series A financing in a round led by previous investors Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Chicago Ventures and Mucker Capital, with Ron Conway joining this time as well.
  • The Power of Online Reviews: How Bloggers Can Help You Get Your Brand Noticed

    Online reviews have such a strong impact on potential customers because they come straight from the consumer, says Christine Oyama, assistant designer of Gratitude-Heart-Garden Florist and a florist on BloomNation.
  • Online Floral Startup Ensures You Get What You See

    Has a bad review or negative customer feedback about your company ever frustrated you? Try being an online floral broker. Disappointed customers who order from major flower delivery services often take to social media with comparison photos of the beautiful, full arrangements they were promised, and the wilted, sparse blooms they received instead.
  • Unpacking Etsy’s S1

    As an investor in many digital marketplaces (Kapow Events, Spothero, BloomNation, Shiftgig, among others, as well as an arts and crafts community, Blitsy) I have been eagerly awaiting Etsy’s S1 filing to get a deep look into the business.
  • What Does It Take to Be Fearless About Money and Life? 6 Leaders’ Answers

    This former World Series of Poker champion left the world of high-stakes card games to become an entrepreneur, cofounding BloomNation after his friend complained that his aunt’s florist business was being hurt by competition from online floral websites.

  • How online marketplace BloomNation is helping to elevate the craftsmanship of local florists

    Flower delivery has been done before. In fact, a lot of companies do it like 1-800-Flowers, FTD Inc. and Teleflora. That someone thinks the flower market is ready to bloom all over again might seem a bit odd. But that is exactly what Farbod Shoraka, CEO of BloomNation believes. And he’s got some pretty impressive backers like Andreessen Horowitz, Chicago Ventures, Crunchfund and MuckerLab, who believe it too.
  • Floral Startup Looks to Bloom With Seed Investment

    A Santa Monica marketplace for local florists is looking to grow with an infusion of cash from some big names in technology.

    BloomNation announced Thursday that it has raised $1.65 million from Menlo Park's Andreessen Horowitz, Boston's Spark Capital, San Francisco's CrunchFund and Santa Monica's MuckerLab. 

  • Honestly, Can Non-Techies Thrive in a Tech Job?

    If you’re cultivating an amazing tech team, would you invite a self-taught marketing major to join? With the rise of Massive Open Online Courses, coding boot camps and even open source exercise sites, getting a CS degree isn't the only way to learn programming.
  • Bitcoin for Small Business: Pros and Cons

    Bitcoin, a digital currency, has sparked a lot of media buzz since it was released in 2009, and it’s becoming more common for merchants to accept it as payment. As a small business owner, you may be wondering what exactly bitcoin is and whether you should be using it. Here’s an overview, as well as the pros and cons.
  •, Interview with CEO Farbod Shoraka

    Following the close of the Series A funding round (read here), Farbod Shoraka, CEO of the Santa Monica, CA-based online flower marketplace answered our questions about the company and its future plans.
  • Quieting Twitter Haters in a "BloomSnap"

    Want a way to silent the Twitter critics? Then take a petal from BloomNation's bouquet. Flower companies had a tough time this past Valentine's Day with their customers taking to social networks - specifically Twitter - to complain about delayed deliveries, poor product quality and lack of customer service
  • BloomNation lands $5.5M to expand floral marketplace

    One year after raising its seed round, BloomNation has closed its Series A for $5.5 million, led by Ronny Conway's investment firm, with participation from early investors, such as Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital and Chicago Ventures.
  • BloomNation Aims to Change the Floral Industry by Empowering Small Businesses

    Cut flowers account for an estimated $7 billion to $8 billion in annual sales by florists nationwide. Despite the wealth of opportunity that figure seemingly represents for budding businesses, entrepreneurs have to compete with behemoth online retailers like FTD, Teleflora, and 1-800-Flowers.
  • As BloomNation changes the floral industry, it also gives the local business community new life

    Their idea was to create an online network of the best florists from all over the country that would allow consumers to pick and choose where they got their flowers. The personal touch, both at the point of sale and in the delivery of the flowers was the key
  • Spark Capital-backed BloomNation raises another $5.5M for florist service

    BloomNation, a Los Angeles-based startup backed by Boston venture firm Spark Capital, announced Tuesday it has raised an additional $5.55 million in Series A funding.
  • BloomNation Blossoms with $1.65M Investment for Platform for Local Florists

    Have you ever spent a small fortune on having flowers delivered, only to find out later that the bouquet was nothing like what you saw online? Frustrations like this aside, the online floral industry is worth $34 billion thanks to a handful of national websites that dominate the space. In response, Los Angeles-based BloomNation recently launched a free online platform to serve local florists who are at risk of going under.

  • St. Louis business joins Bitcoin craze

    Riley Goodwin, owner of Riley's Flowers in Soulard, started accepting Bitcoins a few months ago through his Riley's Florist website.
  • Flower Marketplace BloomNation Seeded With $1.65M Led by Spark Capital

    BloomNation Inc., another e-commerce business that doesn't touch inventory--this time in the flower delivery business--has attained seed funding from institutional venture funds, showing early stage investors' unflagging interest in "marketplace" concepts.

  • 5 LA startups to plan your Valentine’s Day (they work hard so you don’t)

    Valentine's Day can be quite stressful, for those alone, for couples, and, especially, for businesses — the companies that make Valentine's Day happen. Here are five LA tech startups doing just that.
  • 1-800-Flowers Promises Flowers, Refund, Coupons: Delivers None Of The Above

    One startup we’ve learned about recently is BloomNation, which lets you browse the offerings of participating local florists and purchase right from the site, and also integrates Yelp reviews of the business right on the listings.

  • Florist Finds New Niche Market by Accepting Bitcoin Payments

    According to Farbod Shoraka, co-founder and CEO of, the initial funding for his business came from poker winnings. So it’s not as surprising that the business, which allows customers to order hand-crafted floral arrangements directly from local artisans in major cities, took another risk by jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon.
  • One Online Retailer’s Experience With Bitcoin

    The founders of BloomNation (think Etsy for flowers – a marketplace that connects consumers directly with local florists) reached out to Get Elastic to share the results of its foray into Bitcoin acceptance since its launch pre-Valentine’s Day.
  • 5 Ways to Save Small Businesses From Extinction

    Small businesses have it tough these days. With technology, e-commerce and mobile becoming fast growing trends, it’s only becoming more difficult to survive in what is arguably the backbone of the US economy. With that said, here are 5 ways you can fight back the 800lb gorillas and win:
  • BloomNation Cuts the Middleman in Time for Valentine’s Day

    Providing direct access to local florists, a relatively new floral marketplace, BloomNation offers consumers a chance to see their floral arrangements before it is delivered.
  • Centerpiece Central

    Get a look at florists' best creations at; the site displays photos of pieces from more than 2,500 florists in 3,000-plus cities.
  • Ordering Flowers for Mother’s Day? Check Out BloomNation

    As Mother’s Day draws near (don’t worry, procrastinators, you’ve still got another week!), flower shops are gearing up for one of their busiest days of the year, working to fill orders from customers they’ll likely never actually meet.
  • Should Your Small Business Accept Bitcoin?

    “BloomNation is using technology to disrupt and change the way flowers are sent online,” Weisstein says. “We see a lot of similarities in the way bitcoin uses new and emerging technology to disrupt the traditional credit card processors.
  • Floral Customers Using Bitcoin Spend 50% More than CC Users

    Bitcoin just might be bringing business back to local businesses all over the country - at least, if, an online marketplace, has anything to say about it.
  • BloomNation: Bitcoin Opens New Market, Transactions Larger

    Los Angeles-based flower delivery site BloomNation--which helps connect consumers with local floral designers--has only been offering up payment via Bitcoin for a few months, but it's already finding that Bitcoin sales are
  • BloomNation – Disrupting the Flower Industry

    Businesses that accept Bitcoin are blooming up everywhere. Sometimes it can irk me that some businesses accept Bitcoin but do nothing to promote it; however, this is not the case for the co-founders of the budding flower marketplace,
  • 12 Stunning Flower Arrangements for Administrative Professionals Day

    Administrative Professionals Day is a chance to show your appreciation for the person who keeps your business running smoothly. The holiday, which takes place on April 23, is just around the corner. Show your gratitude and appreciation with a stunning floral arrangement
  • Bitcoin Fans Rejoice in IRS Ruling

    BloomNation, an online consumer marketplace serving more than 2,000 florists nationwide, will continue taking payments in bitcoin, CEO and cofounder Farbod Shoraka told the E-Commerce Times.
  • Flower Disrupter BloomNation Announces $5.55 Million Investment

    BloomNation set out with the goal three years ago of disrupting the flower delivery business. A $5.55 million series A venture capital round led by Ronny Conway reaffirms this mission. Other series A investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital and Chicago Ventures, who funded a $1.7 million seed round last year.
  • A pumpkin floral arrangement tip from Riley's Florist

    Watch the video above for a tip on how to create a floral arrangement in a pumpkin. To order a floral arrangement from Riley's Florist visit Riley's website here, or to check out Riley's Florist and other local florists visit
  • How to Throw a Celeb-Worthy Engagement Party on a Budget

    Think Quality Over Quantity When It Comes to Blooms: Wedding flowers often eat up a lot of a bride's wedding budget, but it doesn't have to be such an expense at the engagement celebration. Brooke Wetzel, florist on and owner of The Plum Dahlia
  • Things we love

    Thanks to this online floral marketplace, you don’t have to wait months for spring to arrive. After browsing real images of arrangements from pre-vetted local florists

  • Gorgeous Ideas for the Passover Table

    Passover is a wonderful time to reflect and rejoice with loved ones. What better way to set the mood than with beautiful, fresh cut flowers? From fragrant lilies to whimsical branches, choosing your personal Passover floral arrangement helps one reflect on rebirth, rejuvenation, and happiness in life.
  • Eco-Friendly Jewish Wedding Chuppah Ideas

    In a Jewish wedding ceremony, the chuppah wedding canopy symbolizes the home that newlyweds will cultivate together. The chuppah is traditionally comprised of a cloth (known as a tallit prayer shawl) that is supported across four columns or poles.
  • Choosing the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers

    Valentine’s Day is one holiday women can look forward to receiving a beautiful bouquet from their sweethearts. However, for many men, picking that perfect arrangement can be a daunting task. We asked David Daneshgar, cofounder of BloomNation, an online marketplace that allows customers to shop from local florists, to share his top tips every man must know to select the most romantic Valentine’s Day flowers.
  • Wedding Planners Tell All: 11 Things They Wish Brides-to-be-knew

    "Unless he wants to go, don't drag your fiancé to all of your appointments (and be ok with it!)" — Gabriela Solano, wedding planner at VIDA Floral and florist on