Guest Post: The Flower Cottage

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Guest Post: The Flower Cottage

By: Diane Spiekermeier
Owner of The Flower Cottage

I’ve been wire service free now for 18 days. I was a little nervous, cutting the cord right before Valentines Day. But…. it was awesome. Maybe, my most profitable holiday yet. So far, we’ve received 5 BloomNation orders. The orders are easy to read, with our own picture right there. So the customer knows exactly what they are getting. I’m expecting more and more orders as everyone wises up!!

Shame on us, for letting the wire services take advantage of us. Yes, it is just easier to use their POS systems, have them process our credit cards and let them claim to be helping us. I think 1 more year with the wire service and I would have had to admit defeat.

No more waiting for 2-3 weeks for my Teleflora cc check. We did have to find a new cc processor. But even that hasn’t caused too much of a headache and the money is in the bank the next day. My cash flow issues were gone overnight!!!

I would be happy to answer any questions for anyone thinking of doing it ~ DON’T WAIT, do this ASAP. Even if you think you’re missing out on the incoming wire orders, DON’T! My wire ins were going down visibly every month. Customers can find us by Google. AND, if you’re worrying about loosing your wire service website, DON’T! Your Bloomnation website is EASY! If you can upload photos to FB, you can do this.

You can see The Flower Cottage’s web presence here:

BloomNation Custom Site –
BloomNation – Storefront
BloomNation – Facebook Store


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