5 Resolutions for Local Florists

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5 Resolutions for Local Florists

2012 is over! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Some flower shops had a great year, some shops are still struggling through this recovering economy. But it’s a fresh new year and having a positive outlook is the first step to success. Speaking to thousands of florists in 2012, I have learned a tremendous amount and have taken away some best practices from the top performing florists of 2012.

Here are 5 new year resolutions that will help improve the life of your flower shop and make 2013 an amazing year for you!

Take advantage of Social Media:  Social commerce is one of the newest and BEST ways to get your flower shop business free marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the hottest companies that allow you to capture an audience and market to the world. Big companies put lots of time and attention to these social networks, and for good reason. The best part is, as a florist, you are in luck! Because flowers are a very sharable and emotional product, which is ideal for social networks. If you only choose one social media outlet,  then you should create a Facebook Business page for your flower shop (make sure its a business page). You can even install the BloomNation Facebook Store app and sell your designs right from your Facebook Page!

Get some Reviews: You are a great florist and you know it, but not everyone else might. Encourage your customers to start leaving you reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. Reviews are actually part of Google’s algorithm that decides where your website ranks in comparison to other florists in your area, so its needless to say, reviews are important. Don’t be shy, ask your customers to jump on yelp or google and leave a review. Let them know how much it would help your business and mean to you personally and you will be surprised how many loyal customer will rave about you online.

Take photos of your designs: This could be one of the most important resolutions to your success. Wire-service thrive on the fact that you rely on their catalog. We have written many articles on on the destruction catalog images do to the retail floral industry, the benefits of taking your own photos, and tips on how to great take great photos. Having your own design catalog makes your value shoot up, since you become individualized and each product is a piece of art no one else has. Take advantage of the fact that many florists use stock images and commoditize themselves. Use your own images to bring out your creativity and talent and show the world why your work is NOT like the florist next door.

Create Pricing Strategies: Selling flowers is no easy task. It is easily one of the most competitive industries to be in, so you have to be on your toes at all times. Wire-services strategically price their products to reel in the customer, then upsell them on nicer arrangements. You have to have the same strategy as a local florist. Create economical designs that will grab the attention of the customer and will increase your conversion rate online. Have arrangements in the $40-60, which is actually the average price a consumer will pay for flower delivery, according to research reports. Creating these lower priced bouquets will keep customers on your site, and may actually end up getting them to buy a nicer and more expensive design!

Take another look at your costs: Many florists know the prices of their flowers, but most don’t know the true cost of their website, marketing and wire services on a per order basis. Take the time to learn what your online business actually costs you. This way you can better understand how to price your designs and where you can make more money. You will be surprised on what some of these services  and even your own website is costing you per order. We have a great article on calculating your costs, that should give you a nice view of your online business costs.


2013 is a great year to start taking control of your business and learning to work smarter, not harder! For more information on how to improve your flower shop business, visit our blog!


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