If you are a florist, or simply a lover of flowers and all things beautiful, planning a trip to Thailand, the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Pattaya, Thailand should be on your list of things to see. With 500 acres and a wealth of imagination to work with, the creators of this space have designed a flower-lover’s wonderland. The formal gardens are not limited to representations of only local flora, but take the visitor on a tour of plants, trees and flowers native to different areas of the world, and even different eras of time. The appeal of Nong Nooch doesn’t rest only on its botanical offerings, though. The design of the space and the attractions are meant to fire the imagination and give the visitor a never-forgotten experience.


Surrounding and, indeed, tightly integrated with the garden experience, are Nong Nooch’s highly rated attractions. The Thai cultural and elephant shows and martial arts demonstrations are always popular, as are the close (but safe) contact with various wild and domestic animals. Children are not only welcome, some garden spaces and attractions were designed with them in mind. Dotted throughout the area are Thai-style homes and buildings, some of which can be rented so that you can vacation right in the midst of the famous botanical gardens.

Botanical Gardens

One of the boasts of the gardens themselves is that they contain one of the largest collections of various species of cycads in the world. In addition, various garden divisions seek to bring the world home to Thailand, and include a French, European and even a Stonehenge garden, each planted with flowers and plants that represent those areas. Flower Valley, Butterfly Hill, the Orchid and Bromeliad and Cactus and Succulent Gardens are also must-see attractions, whether you are a globe-trotting florist, or a local visitor.

Bringing it Home

Florists get their inspiration from many outlets, but few could help but be inspired when surrounded by such beauty. Even if your local florist hasn’t personally visited these or other famous gardens, however, they are well able to recreate at least the look and feel of some of the offerings. A Nong Nooch-inspired bouquet designed by one of the florists in BloomNation.com’s floral marketplace might make use of hardy and versatile succulents, as well as colorful tropical flowers such as the heliconia (including the “torch ginger” species) that this Thai garden is famous for. Tell your florist what you’re looking for, and wait to be amazed by what they create.