Summer and spring weddings get the most notice, but people get married all year round, including in the depths of winter. Though your flower choices are pretty much unlimited, many people prefer seasonal flowers for their winter weddings, to give it that added touch of authenticity. Florists work their artistry using broad palette of colors and materials to create their designs for the cooler seasons with, of course, special attention to wedding themes and expectations.

Luckily, there are any number of beautiful blooms that appear mainly in colder weather to choose from. Here are just a few of the favorites:

  • Poinsettias – Primarily known as a Christmas flower, florists also use them to add color to winter wedding bouquets.
  • Buttercups – Also known as Ranunculus, these lush blooms come in a variety of colors that can enhance your winter bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets.
  • Sweet Pea – This sweet-named flower also has a wonderful scent. It’s many color choices–purple, pink, red and white–helps seal its position as a favorite in any season.
  • Carnations – This is a year-round bloomer that adds beauty, color and scent to winter wedding bouquets.
  • Tulips – The elegant tulip comes in many colors (including black,) and even has a fringed variety that adds drama to bouquets.

Of course, it’s sometimes not what flower you use in your bouquet that gives it it’s winter atmosphere, but how you use it. And what you combine it with. Winter bouquets run the gamut from extremely colorful, to monochrome. One favorite is the “Winter White” bouquet, that primarily contains white flowers, with perhaps a hint of greenery. Another favorite takes the flora of the season–pine cones, snow berries, viburnum and other choices to enhance the flowers and really take advantage of the season.

Your local florist can be the perfect partner in helping you decide on flowers for your winter events. You can, of course, go with just your personal choice–that’s always a favorite! But if you are seeking to keep to a theme, or looking for seasonal authenticity, let your BloomNation florist help. Because all of the florists in our floral marketplace are local, each will have the best knowledge of what grows in season in their area, and the best way to design the perfect winter wedding bouquets.