Holidays can be stressful, even if you loves all the hustle and bustle that usually attends the season, but your local florist can help. Whether you’re planning a planning a large party at home, an intimate get together, or traveling to the home of family or friends yourself, a few minutes spent online with a florist can save you days of shopping and decorating. When you remember how flowers affect moods, you may find it’s well worth the time spent.

Here are a few ideas of how to use flowers and gift baskets during the holiday season.

Around the Home

Flowers not only influence moods, the very design of your floral arrangements can help enhance your chosen décor. Dress up a drab room with stately blooms in classy containers. Brighten up a room stuck in the winter doldrums by placing colorful bouquets in strategic spots. Place holiday-themed bouquets and wreaths in windows and on doors, to bring smiles to faces before they even walk in your door. Welcoming gift baskets filled with goodies can take the edge off hunger while everyone gets settled and awaits the main meal.

In Guest Rooms

Whether your guests are visiting for the holidays or for some other occasion, flowers and gift baskets can help them feel welcome. A bouquet in their rooms, just for them, can help alleviate some of the stress and travel weariness. Flowers that are low or no-scent are best for this purpose. Ask your florist for recommendations. And for those midnight munchies, when visitors may not be comfortable wandering around someone else’s house? A treat-filled gift basket will help with that.

A Fond Farewell

Flowers and gift baskets not only make perfect host/hostess gifts, they are perfect for sending your holiday visitors on their way with a smile. You can order small, age-appropriate gift baskets, large ones that may last long after they are home, or potted flowers or plants that will serve as long-time reminders of their visit.

Even if you can’t be together during the holidays, local florists in’s floral marketplace can help. Simply choose a florist in the city you’d like to send a gift of flowers or a gift basket to, select your design (or have one created for you,) and click. You’ll be done in minutes and ready to move on to your next holiday task.