Summer’s long, lazy, warmth-filled days are perfect for pool-side parties, barbecues and other activities, but they can wreak havoc on delicate flowers. Keeping your bouquets and cut flower arrangements out of the heat helps them last longer, as we know. But what do you do when you have a summer wedding, an event that is usually packed with flowers? You simply go with flowers that can withstand the heat and hold up. Your local florist will know the best varieties, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Local, Seasonal and Native

Not every region experiences summer’s heat in the same way, so your first look may be at what grows well locally. Flowers that withstand high temperatures in moist, humid regions may wilt completely in dry and arid conditions–though not always. Local florists and growers can give you an idea of the local flowers that are popular for weddings in your region.

Some types of flowers hold up in almost any hot weather (and cold weather, too.) Here are just a few choices of colorful blooms that may look fragile and delicate, but that can end the wedding day looking as fresh as they started out.


Lilies, fragile-looking beauties though they are, are at their best in moist heat. They grow naturally in hot, humid climates and take their place among groupings of lush tropical flowers. Calla lilies and mini lilies, with their varied colors, are popular choices for summer weddings.


Roses top the list of wedding flowers in any season, and some varieties hold up very well in hot conditions. Your florist can tell you whether the tightly furled small buds of tea roses, or big hardy blooms will work best for your wedding designs.

Other flowers that withstand the heat well include some varieties of gardenias, hydrangea, zinnias and sweetpeas. Bouquets and place settings that feature succulents are also gaining in popularity for summer weddings.

Whether you are planning your own summer wedding, or sending flowers to someone across the country, can help. Every florist in our floral marketplace is knowledgeable, helpful and, most importantly, local. Take advantage of your ability to connect to them directly to get targeted information on flowers for your perfect summer wedding.