For many of us, an arrangement of roses is our go-to for Mother’s Day (don’t forget it’s May 8). And while always lovely, roses can sometimes seem predictable. To ensure that an arrangement to any motherly figure in your life feels special, we’ve put together a list of top 5 roses so you can get it right.

Garden Roses

These roses also go by peony rose or cabbage rose. Mom will love them for their lush, ruffled petals and rounded blooms. Not only are they larger than a standard rose, but they come in a variety of colors so you can get mom’s fave.

Light Pink Roses
Got a mom you look up to? Send some light pink roses. Symbolizing happiness and admiration, the soft hue feels feminine, fresh, and refined. And we’re sure she’ll adore the meaning behind the bud, so remember to share the fact after they’re delivered.

Hot Pink Roses
If you’d prefer to make a bold show of gratitude, this is your bloom. Pink still sends a thankful message, but a bright tone also exudes delightful energy. We can just picture mom opening her door to this lively color and feeling instantly uplifted.

Peach Roses
Peach, it’s such a happy color. It inspires a warm and celebratory vibe that’s perfect for making mom’s day. We also like the idea of surprising her with a shade that’s more unexpected than a rosy pink but just as lovely.

Yellow Roses
You can’t go wrong with yellow roses. They perk up spirits, feel cheery, and symbolize joy and caring. If you’re surprising a mom who has a lively, vibrant personality, consider sending her an arrangement bursting with sun-drenched roses. And if you’re “mom” happens to be your BFF, even better—yellow blooms express friendship.

Purple Roses
There’s something utterly enchanting about purple roses. With their regal hue, purple roses send a the message you’re my queen/king. We can’t think of a more perfect way of celebrating your own queen mother.