Coffee. With its intoxicating aroma and alerting jolt, a cup makes for a seemingly ideal wake-up call and mid-afternoon boost. But there’s a catch: crashing. What’s a person to do? While we won’t suggest completely cutting out the java (we got a lot of latte love), here are 5 reasons to try out blooms as your new office pick-me-up.


You’ll feel positive floral effects first thing in the morning
A study from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital confirms that the morning blahs are a real thing. It also noted that feel-good vibes (like happiness and warmth) emerge later in the day. But when researchers introduced subjects to floral arrangements, they noticed participants perked up and felt more energetic. So add stopping and smelling the roses to your a.m. routine.

Blooms help banish stress and anxiety throughout the day
In the same study, people saw a spike in their overall positivity after being around flowers for a few days. Not only will a floral display get your workday started on the right foot, but you’ll continue to feel the benefits after day one.

Your memory and focus can increase by 20%
That’s right, we’re talking 20%! Research shows that performing tasks surrounded by natural décor leads to calm, greater accuracy, and quality results. There’s more: your memory and attention span will reflect similar improvement. Now that’s impressive.

Both men and women can enjoy the perks
While women might be the usual flower recipient in an office, they are definitely not exclusive to the benefits. Turns out that social responses are more comparable when receiving blooms than common office supplies like pens. And there’s definitely a range of flower types, succulents, vases, and colors that appeal to everyone’s taste—find yours!

Flowers make your work environment more attractive 
Studies prove that pausing to check out a natural landscape from time to time helps recharge your brain. Don’t work from a room with a view? No worries. An arrangement can deliver a similar advantage to your overall health, including soothing mental fatigue. Plus, it’s way better than a “natural” screensaver.