If there was ever a time when indulging your every romantic fantasy is not only accepted, but expected, weddings are on the top of the list. Wedding planners, florists and others may help keep the wedding themes within the bounds of taste and propriety, but in the end everyone’s goal is the same: to make dreams come true. A lot goes into planning nuptial events, with major investments of time and money, all to ensure that the happy couple has the perfect day and the perfect wedding, even down to the theme of the wedding itself. Jane Austen or Regency-inspired weddings are among the most popular, and the easiest to tailor to individual tastes and romantic dreams, which is what many wedding are all about.

Femininity, Sensibility and Strength

Jane Austen was a writer of her times but, yet, somehow her characters have taken on new life in the modern age. Women and men, young and old, seem to recognize something of themselves in those long-ago lives, even if they are far different from their own. Women, especially, recognize that combination of strength and femininity, working within and around strictures that Austen’s female leads display—and this is one thing that can be brought out in the wedding theme. Lace-covered dresses, sheer veils, and delicate pearls or diamonds that showcase the feminine, but don’t override the strength and sensibility of the styles chosen, or the flower and other displays.

A Light Touch

When it comes to the right flowers and floral designs for your Jane Austen-inspired wedding, your florist will be your best friend. A bouquet of roses, for instance, can produce a feeling of drama, sadness, joy or any other feeling, just by the colors chosen and the style in which they are set. In Regency days, the colors of flowers and decorations chosen for wedding and events were often pale and pastel, with splashes of bright colors brought in through the use of ribbons or greenery. However, there is no one way to design a Regency wedding, so your local florist will be well able to work with your chosen colors and theme, in any case.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden drawers in desks, secret rooms, secret messages sent through flower—the Regency era was a hotbed of hidden romance and activity. This doesn’t mean that to replicate it you should hide the napkins from your guests, but you might consider adding a little something extra to the table decorations… there, but a joyous surprise only for the observant. Remember that BloomNation.com’s local florists have decades of experience in supplying wedding flowers, and helping the bride design their perfect wedding—even if that includes Regency-style fun secrets that hide in plain sight.