Mother’s Day is less than a week away! This year we’re all about #bloomingMOMents, and we’re talking about all the women in our lives—mom, step-moms, grandma, sisters, and friends. And while some might label flowers as predictable, the trick is to find the ones that go beyond. After all, when was the last time you shrugged off blooms that were delivered to you? Exactly. So what’s the secret to getting it right? Choosing a local floral artist that knows how to bring floral art to life. It’s easy to assume that all arrangements are crafted equal, but here are 3 perks you only get from the artisan route.


1. Just like mom, floral pros know best (when it comes to flowers that is).
From what’s in season to choosing quality stems, local florists have a trained eye. They know flowers and flowers in their area which can make a huge difference considering seasonal offerings vary geographically. Apart from the individual blooms, a professional floral designer knows all the details: which flowers mix well with others, which don’t, when flowers will both last and look their best . . . you get the idea.

2. Mom has that special touch. So does her local florist. 
Artistic appeal. This is possibly our favorite aspect of sending blooms locally. Why choose an design from somewhere that feels like a department store for flowers when you can send mom an arrangement that’s truly memorable? Each local florists here has an individual style and specialty. Some stun with sculptural designs, others dazzle with unexpected accents and vessels, and there are those who deliver incredible floral color combinations—meaning not only will you find something beautiful, but you can send an arrangement that fit’s mom’s personality and style, too.

3. Hand delivery (not boxes) is the last step to #bloomingMOMents.
So what exactly is a blooming moment? It’s the moment when you connect with your mom. When she sees your name on the card and feels the love knowing you’re thinking of her. Blooms take it to another level with their bright hues, soft texture, and lively spirit. But one thing can totally change the mood: a box. Many sites will assemble your arrangement, pack it up, and ship it to mom’s doorstep. Yikes. When you choose local, you’re also choosing to keep the gift personal with a knock on mom’s door and a hand delivery of fresh blooms.