The gerbera daisy’s explosion of colors and versatile help it earn its 5th place among the cut flowers most used in the world. You often see these blooms peeking out from among a gathering of flowers in a bouquet, or occupying the star place in a an arrangement all on their own. Many florists love gerbera daisies because they fit so many occasions, and blend in well with various flower species. And, of course, smiles adorn the faces of those who open the door to a bouquet of these bright flowers delivered to their doorstep.

A South African Beginning

Though the gerbera daisy is also native to parts of South America and Asia, and was well-known to people in these regions, it got its first scientific classification in 1889. The Gerbera jamesonii, as this South African species of the flower was designated, was classified by J.D. Hooker, but named after noted naturalist Traugott Gerber. 30 species of gerberas grow naturally in the wild, but perhaps thousands of hybrids and cultivars exist in the world today.

A Variety of Sizes and Colors

It’s not surprising that so popular a flower has any number of variations. Tiny gerberas can look like buttons when set next to the wide, round Golden Serena variety. Tall stems work well for ornamental bouquets, while those with shorter stems nestle well into posies and centerpieces. The colors of the gerbera daisy span the gamut of white, orange, red, pink, yellow–with variations of color intensity even within the petals of a single flower. In fact, sometimes several petals on one flower are a different color completely. It’s this variety and versatility that allows florist to design unique creations that showcase the flower’s beauty.

Happy Flowers

Gerbera daisies are related to sunflowers, with an easily seen resemblance, and are generally considered happy flowers. They will often be included in birthday bouquets, anniversary and congratulatory designs, and are favorites for “Just Because” gifts.

When you are wandering through’s floral marketplace, take note of how often, and in how many different ways, gerberas are included in our florists unique creations. And, remember, any of our florists will be delighted to create a bouquet designed just for you.