Any day is a good day to send flowers to someone you are romantically involved with, so there is no reason to wait for a special occasion. Though, of course, you’ll want to make sure to mark birthdays and anniversaries on your calendar, and, as a fail-safe measure, make sure your local florist also has that information. Still, there are instances when flowers are the perfect gift, even if the day marks no formal occasion at all. In fact, some may say that sending flowers for the reasons listed below are sometimes the most important ones to send, after all.

You Blew It

Few relationships are perfect sailing all the way through. People make mistakes, even simple ones like forgetting to perform a promised chore, missing appointments or simply not being there when you are needed. A lovely, personalized, hand-delivered floral bouquet may not smooth everything out, but it’s a good start.

You Really Messed Up

You said things that, on reflection, you wish you hadn’t said. Maybe they were hurtful, or too true, but whichever the case, you want to make up for it. Yes, it will take more than even the most elaborate design your florist can think of to fix things, but that gift of flowers may open the door to the beginning of communication.

You Have No Reason At All

Perhaps you had a sudden, spontaneous thought of how much your love means to you, and you want to express it in some way. Even a small posy of flowers is perfect for that. Go ahead give the gift of joy and surprise, with no motive in mind at all beyond “just because.” These, you’ll find, will be some of the best remembered presents throughout the years.

One Of You Is Away From Home

Business trips, visits to family and other events can take one of you out of town, while leaving the other at home. Beyond calls and texts, one time-honored way to say “I love you, and miss you,” is with flowers. Luckily, these days you can simply go online and, with a click, have your flowers sent anywhere around the country.’s marketplace is filled with florists, all of them local to their own area, who know the importance of flowers when it comes to relationships and love. Let them be your partner in making sure that you always have the right flowers for the right occasions.