You can choose just about any flower for your Spring wedding, according to your taste. In fact, your only limits may be the access your local florist has to out-of-season blooms, though even that is not often a problem. In fact, roses, one of the most popular flowers used in weddings, are available all year round, in many varieties and colors.

Even so, there are a number of other types of flowers that frequently make appearances in springtime weddings. Here is a list of five of the most popular varieties.


Freesia’s clusters of fragrant, colorful blossoms on one stem make this a popular choice for weddings. Their arching stems create a certain look, or even a touch of drama, in the right wedding bouquets. Freesia blooms in pink, orange, white, yellow and purple.


A stalk covered with little bells or thimbles of color clinging to a tall stem foxglove is sometimes described. These flowers have little or no fragrance, but they add color and interest to Spring wedding bouquets.


An old-fashioned flower, hyacinth also has small, colorful clusters of flowers on a tall stem, but have a look all their own. Pink, purple, white and red are popular hyacinth colors, but the flower is prized for its true-blue variety.


Blue, white, purple — delphinium’s colors embrace the Spring dawn and dusk sky colors and make wonderful additions to bouquets. Florists can use them in their natural tall state, or snuggle just the flowered portions into smaller bouquets.


The lovely peony looks wonderful alone in its own bouquet, or nestled amidst roses or sweet pea or just about any other flowers. Peonies are popular in a deep pink or burgundy, white or yellows.

These five flowers top the list for many Spring weddings, but they are far from the only choice. Remember, we have many experts in weddings in our marketplace of florists. When it’s time to decide on your flowers, talk to your florist about your wedding theme colors and flower choices that might be best for them. 35 46 48 67 51 43 32 42 33