It’s Father’s Day. And because yours is the best, why not gift him something that symbolizes all the growth he’s seen you through. Before you scramble to pick up a generic last-minute gift, consider a succulent. What makes these plants such winners for all dads? Here are three reasons.

Endless shapes, color, and sizes
If you thought they only come in green, think again! Rainbow-colored echeveria, spiny agave, fleshy cotyledon, and intricate sempervivum are just a few. Which means there’s a succulent for every dad whether he’s a fan of color, modern style, or prefers to keep things simple. We love the mix of varieties below, and this succulent assortment from Las Vegas’ Flora Couture by Flora 2000 is perfect for gifting to multiple father figures in your life.
FD 1

FD 2 FD 3

Unique vases really shine
Vases bring color, energy, and texture to any floral display—especially succulents. A signature style from Nora Floral Studio, the arrangement below reminds us of that ceramic “vase” we gave dad when we were kids. The design features a custom made porcelain planter that brings the simplest plant to life. Each planter is individually cast in liquid porcelain, hand finished, and glazed for a truly unique gift to a one-of-a-kind dad.
nora succulent

Two words: low maintenance
Succulents are unbelievably easy to take care of. For most varieties it’s all thanks to special water-storage tissues that allow the plants to thrive with little watering. So with a bit of effort dad can definitely pull this one off. Another reason the plants top the list: they’re not picky about lighting. Suddenly the choices of where to put dad’s succulents widen. Dinner table or desk, by the window or on the wall, it’s all up to him. Just remember to check the plants growth size so it stays small enough to decorate any space.

Happy Father’s Day!