For many people, the new year is not only a day for partying and rejoicing; it’s a time to make promises and renew their spirits. Each year millions of people make promises to themselves, and to others, on everything ranging from eating better, to being a better person. What better way to symbolize this time of renewal, of emerging from the old and into the new, than with flowers? Flowers–their delicate, beautiful, whisper-soft petals pushing up sometimes even through the snow–are survivors, returning season after season to delight us anew.

This year, let your local florist help you send the message of renewal, of hope, and of good wishes for the future in the language of flowers. It’s a welcome, lovely gift to send to friends, family, loved ones–or even yourself.

Flowers that Symbolize Hope, Renewal and Good Wishes

Iris – The lovely, curled petals of the iris pack, complex messages. Hope, yes, but also that you will use your time wisely. Reading more, learning more new things and being filled with wisdom.

Lily – The gift of a lily can be a wish for happiness, though different varieties of the flower carry different meanings. Is someone you know going through a rough patch? See if your local florist has rain lilies, said to unfurl their petals only after a rain, which make them a perfect symbol of new hope after hardship.

Gerbera Daisy – This bright, cheerful flower asks that you enjoy life more. That you’ll dance when you want to, visit new places and that you’ll be infused with strength.

Sunflower – For all new beginnings, for having the wind at your back and setting your face toward new horizons, the gorgeous sunflower carries your wishes.

These are just a few of the many flowers that symbolize new life, hope and a new beginning. Remember, though, that different colors of flowers also carry different meanings, so get help from your florist in choosing just the perfect colors and types. Our floral marketplace is filled with knowledgeable florists that you deal with directly, so that you don’t have to choose from cookie-cutter displays. Each bouquet you send this year can be unique, personal and infused with meaning.