It’s not surprising that roses, especially red ones, have come to symbolize romance. Their soft, velvety petals burst with fragrance, while their beauty, in all their variety, is difficult to surpass. You know when you see someone carrying a dozen red roses, or even a single stem, is likely sending a message of love in the language of flowers.

But what if you want to try something different, whether for Valentine’s Day, or simply any day you want to introduce a little romance? Flowers of any sort are a welcome and lovely gift, but there are a few that, through the flower-messaging system, speak the words of love louder than others.

Red is the Color of Love

The color red is bold, vibrant and lush, and it’s no surprise that red flowers speak of passion and heat. This is true whether it’s a red rose or a red carnation. Though it must be said that red poppies have come to be more associated with remembrance–but, then again, who should you remember more than your loved one? Other red flower choices include hibiscus, calla lilies, orchids, Asiatic lilies and gerbena daisies. Ask your florist about other varieties–there are many.

So is Pink

Pink flowers, while sometimes indicating a more delicate, gentle emotion, are also symbols of love. Perhaps a more embedded, enduring love, or simply one that does not need to boldly declare itself to be heard. Florists will know the most popular pink flowers to put in your romantic bouquet, but peonies, irises, coneflowers and Aspen pink jewel daisies make wonderful choices.

But What About White Flowers?

White flowers are thought of as symbols of innocence, purity and reverence, but they too can symbolize love. Perhaps a love from afar, or one that elevates the loved one far above themselves. Or, simply, a love that gazes clearly and steadily at all it beholds, warts and all, and loves even more. White lavender beautifies with scent, while tulips and orchids add a special zing to your bouquet.

Every flower and flower color carries its own particular message, but the real meaning of flowers is determined by the sender. If you see something in BloomNation’s marketplace of florists that simply calls to you, don’t worry about the meaning–it’s what you mean that is important. Choose a unique design from your local florist’s store display, or have one created just for you. And remember, love is every day.