If you were born in the first month of the year, your birth month was named after the Roman god of the doorway—Janus. A two-faced god, Janus had the ability to look backward to the previous year, and forward to the one newly arrived. An appropriate naming when you consider that many around the world consider January 1st time for a new start, new goals, new beginnings. Each year millions make commitments, or resolutions, to change things about their lives, achieve new heights in their careers or vocations, or to simply live better from now on. Sometimes these promises are soon forgotten, but that doesn’t stop them from being renewed each time the doorway opens.

Of course, birthdays any time of the year are often times of celebration and gift-giving—but it could be fun to keep in mind some of the traditions and legends of January when considering what gifts to give. Read below for a few ideas.

January Birthstone – Garnet

Most people think garnets are simply reddish colored gemstones, but in reality they come in almost all colors. Yellow, orange, purple, pink and even a very rare blue. Some even change color depending on the light. Garnets set in designs for women or men make wonderful gifts for your January birthday person.

January Flowers – Carnation and Galanthus

There is a tiny bit of disagreement on which is actually the official January flower, but we’re florists—we don’t mind. The more flowers the merrier, we love them all. Though, it must be said, carnations offer more variety and drama for your bouquet. Galanthus are small, white flowers with slender stems. Carnations, on the other hand, come in bold colors, like deep, brilliant red, as well as softer yellows, pinks, and whites. To be on the safe side, you can ask your local florist about the possibilities of including both in your January birthday bouquet.

There is nothing at all that says you have to follow the official flower or birthstone for the month, though it can be fun for a change. If you’re simply seeking something unique and exquisite to have delivered right to the January birthday person’s door, take a stroll through the delivery area’s local florist in BloomNation.com’s floral marketplace. Between outstanding bouquets, gift baskets, candy and other gifts, as well as the ability to have something designed to your specifications, we’ve got just what you are looking for.