Any season is a season for love, and any season of love is a good time to send flowers. But what if you don’t yet have your love, but want to let someone know that they are special to you? Or, what if you meet someone who you not only wish to get to know better, but you wish to woo, in the old fashioned way? Do you know someone who loves the idea of being courted, or perhaps has never had that experience, but you’d like to introduce them to it? Think of your local florist as a co-conspirator in your campaign of love, and use their knowledge and talent to your advantage.

Wooing someone requires a lot more than simply sending her flowers–but here is how to make a good start.

Be Original

If you want to make someone feel special, don’t send them the same bouquet that you are sending your mother, your personal assistant or to others in your life. Take time and choose something just for them. The florists in BloomNation’s marketplace welcome the chance to showcase their original designs, and to create special ones, so there is no excuse to send a duplicate to the person you are courting.

Be Creative

Roses are one of the most popular flowers when it comes to love. Send them to the object of your affections, but look for creative designs. Talk to your florist and let him or her know what impression you want to leave with the person you are sending to, and sit back in awe in what they can create for you. Remember, too, that other flowers also express love, so don’t limit yourself, your imagination, or your florist’s creativity.

Be Unpredictable

Want to bring a smile to her face? Send her flowers “just because.” Just because she is who she is, or just because the brightness of the flowers reminded you of her smile, or just because… no reason at all.

Pay Attention to Feedback

Any of the florists in BloomNation’s marketplace of florists can create amazing floral designs for you, but the most important part of wooing anyone is paying attention to them, individually. Do your flower choices bring sincere smiles to her face? Does she love the attention–or seem a little uncomfortable? Listen, pay attention, and make sure that she is enjoying the courtship as much as you are.