Hi everyone. Today, we are going to take you through a tutorial that I think really is going to change the way people sell flowers. Up until now, all the florists have been asking us, “Well, I wish we could sell on Facebook.” I know you get shares and you get comments and you get likes. Bu t how about when you post those pictures, you can actually sell them off of your Facebook page? Well, today, BloomNation is about to change all that.

Go to your storefront. If you don’t have a storefront, you can go to BloomNation.com and click the “Are you a florist?” on the top. In this case, we’ve gone to our storefront, La Petite Gardenia. We want to sell this product, Michelangelo. So we go to the product page and we simply copy the URL. Then we go to our Facebook wall. We come here and we paste that URL in, and it automatically gives us our logo. We can go through here to find that product. Here is Michelangelo. All we do is delete the link now. Now we post whatever we want to market it as. Now you can buy my design, Michelangelo, straight from Facebook. That’s it.

With that here, you can choose who you want to see that post: the Public, Friends, Custom, or Only Me. In this case, we’re testing it. We’ll put “Only Me.” You simply post it. Right away, it goes on all your friends’ walls. Right here, as you can see here, “Buy my design, Michelangelo.” When your customer clicks it, right then they can go there and add it to cart and buy your product straight from Facebook, something that has never been able to be done in this industry. We are so excited.

Thank you for listening to this tutorial. Bye.