Some people’s homes are masterpieces of holiday decorating, with everything seeming to appear by magic the day after Thanksgiving. They are happy to tell visitors how they’ve been saving items for years, or have spent hours creating their own wreathes from scratch, even to the point of picking up their own pine cones and other wreath and tree decorations. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view,) while many love the look of holiday decorations, they have neither the time nor the desire to spend on them. Luckily, with the creativity of local florists, even the non-crafty and ill-prepared can decorate their homes in exquisite holiday designs.


There is something very welcoming about a holiday or Christmas wreath on a door, particularly on a cold winter night. It brings to mind holidays of yore, of childhood evenings spent waiting for Christmas day, or simply of holiday traditions—our own, or those we’ve heard or read about. Whether decorated with holly, pine cones, or something completely different, depending on the region, a wreath can set the tone of your decorating—before anyone even enters your house or apartment. Take a browse through the offerings of top florists—you may be amazed at just how creative wreath design can be. And if people happen to think your own fingers are worn to their creative bone, well… only your florist knows for sure.

Table and Mantle Decorations

With a twist of a bouquet and the right container, your florist can produce designs that fit in perfectly with the holiday atmosphere you’re trying to create—no matter which holiday it is. Secular households may love one design, whereas those who celebrate religious holidays will love the care and attention given to representing their faiths. Don’t be afraid to ask your florist if you have a special request. Helping you make your holiday decorations perfect is part of what florists do.

Many of the florists in’s floral marketplace are at the top of their field, and their head designers are extremely creative. But remember that there are also up and coming florists who are innovative and determined to make their creative mark as well. Take the time to browse through the selections of local florists, and their wares, to find the perfect fit for your needs.