Best buds. They’re hard to find and even harder to live without. You can can count on them to be there to pick up the phone at 3am, deliver some tough (but desperately needed) honesty, and be up for having a good time even if that means doing nothing at all.

Today is National Best Friends Day! AKA a day that celebrates that rare person and special bond that makes them your best friend. While we should all recognize our buds regularly, we’re fans of dedicating a day to giving them extra love—here’s our favorite way to show some appreciation.


(Our Bloom Experts and real-life friends)

Sending blooms is especially nice over time because, as this study shows, friends can impact our daily well-being even more than family. And as an adult, those truly meaningful relationships are sadly more difficult to maintain. Already had an arrangement delivered? Great! Here are a few other tips to keep that vital relationship going:

Realize that good friendships equal good health
Did you know having a positive, supportive friend in your 20s is a real indicator of you being alive at 70? Seriously, check it out. Not only do BFFs improve immune systems, chronic health issues, and keep that blood pressure down, but they can also reduce your chance of mental health disorders. If you’ve got your gym regimen down, make plans to spend time with your best friend and do your body good.

Seek out quality over quantity 
Ah, Facebook friends. You can accept, like, and tag them—tons of them. But this is just the surface of superficial, bland, and generic connections we get flooded with thanks to emails, text messages, Snapchat, and Instagram. Well, here’s an idea . . . go out in the world and get some real face time. It makes a world of difference.

Communities can be friends too
One-on-one relationships are great, but they’re not the only ones out there. Joining a community with a cause or passion you connect with brings like-minded people to you. Not only does this offer a sense of belonging, but it makes it easier to spark introductions with new people. Plus, you’ll know you already share something in common.

Back away from the toxic friendships
If you have one you know who we’re talking about. These “friendships” that are ridden with guilt, competition, fear, and familiarity. With all this emotional debris, there’s no room for a relationship to grow and blossom. Just imagine the beautiful blooms we’d be missing out on this summer if we refused to nurture them months before. You’re no different. So take a step back from any unhealthy presence and make some changes.

Send blooms (for the little things)
Okay, as self-confessed floral obsessives, maybe we’re a bit biased. But the point here is to remember the little things. Life happens, so missed birthday parties, baby showers, and holidays are bound to happen, too. Instead of skipping out completely, follow up (or better yet, plan ahead) with a sincere, funny, unexpected gift or note. The idea here is that consistency not individual gestures will keep bonds going strong.