Florists are all about flowers, but, remember, they offer much more and they can be especially helpful during the rush of the holiday season. Most people are familiar with visiting an online florist to send a birthday or anniversary bouquet, but perhaps forget that they can choose gift baskets or other items and have them sent with the same ease. Some of those same talented, creative florists who design the wow-worthy bouquets also design and carry gift baskets and candy selections that, for many reasons, can help make your holiday shopping easier. Below are just a few of those reasons.

Last Minute Gifts

Even the most organized shoppers sometimes miss someone—perhaps an office-mate, or the mail carrier or doorman, or, sometimes, even friends and family. The holiday is almost here, what do you do? You can rush off and dig pick up a last minute gift of cologne or a tie, sure; or you could go online and take care of the matter with just a few clicks. Have your gift delivered directly to your recipient and save yourself even more time.

Avoid Post Office Rush

Here is where’s national marketplace of florists really shines, and can be really helpful in relieving some of the stress of holiday shopping. Instead of hurrying through shopping malls, rushing to wrap gifts, then boxing them up and waiting in line at the post office to have them sent across country, do everything right from your home or phone. Choose a local florist right in the city you wish to send the gift to, choose from a wide selection of bouquets and gift baskets, and within a few clicks you are done.

Fun and Yum For All Ages

Selection is key, of course, to finding the right gift for the right person. A gift basket that will appeal to an adult may not appeal at all to someone younger. Look for age-appropriate gift baskets that have been prepared by the local florist; if you don’t see just what you need, talk to them directly to see what they can do for you.

Gift baskets may not be right for everyone, but they are wonderful, hassle-free alternatives for the holiday season.’s expert florists can be partners in alleviating holiday stress, or at providing beautiful bouquets and gifts any time of the year.