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I come from a family that LOVES football. Along with millions of other Americans, both sides of my family are glued to the television on game days. While I’m not the biggest sports fan (no, my parents haven’t disowned me), I do enjoy festive activities with delicious snacks.  Today I’m sharing two easy ideas on adding a little pizzaz to your next game day party.


1. Decorate with Flowers

I’m not just suggesting this because this is a flower blog (okay, maybe a little… it’s my job!), but nothing adds beauty and charm to a party like flowers. Why are flowers used in the majority of weddings all over the world? Because floral arrangements are a lovely way of expressing emotion and setting the tone of a wedding. I see A LOT of emotion expressed by football fans when they watch their teams. Decorating with a flower arrangement made of your favorite team’s colors is a great way to create a festive atmosphere. I also think it’s an incredibly thoughtful birthday gift to send to a football-obsessed friend.


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2. Serve a Homemade Snack

I’m a huge fan of the blog A Cozy Kitchen, so when I saw this recipe for homemade paprika cheddar cheez-its I knew I had to share it with you guys. I totally understand just wanting to throw some chips in a bowl; it’s easy and who doesn’t like chips? But when you want to WOW your guests, making a homemade snack is an effective way to do so. This updated take on a classic is relatively easy to make and your guests will be amazed by the extra effort.

Image via A Cozy Kitchen

Image via A Cozy Kitchen

I’d like to know: How do you like spending game day?

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Floral arrangements c/o The Enchanted Florist in Burbank, CA

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