Hi everyone! Today I’ve invited Lauren McLean of Boston’s Back Bay Florist to share her fantastic Friendsgiving florals DIY (I’m all about alliteration today). Friendsgiving is characterized by a less traditional environment than Thanksgiving, so the florals you choose should embrace this sentiment. From pops of color to various textural elements, Friendsgiving is carving out a unique spot in holiday floral décor. Now, take it away Lauren:

Flower Selection

When selecting flowers for our Friendsgiving arrangement, we tried to choose a mixture of colors that are seasonally-appropriate, but also vibrant and a little more unique than traditional fall hues. Our goal was to create a fun arrangement that successfully accents the lighthearted quality of a Friendsgiving gathering!

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Our palette includes:

  • Warm shades including: yellow protea, pink hypericum berries, orange ranunculus and calla lilies.
  • David Austin Garden Roses in Darcey Rubine Red and dark plum seasonal foliage to contrast the warmer colors.
  • Seeded eucalyptus for texture.
  • Stems of lime green hydrangea for pops of color.


Gather your materials:

  1. A mixture of flowers and greens
  2. A vase
  3. Florist shears or scissors
  4. Yarn or string

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Prepare the flowers:

  1. Remove any thorns or pesky leaves on the stems
  2. If your blooms have long stems, you can cut them down a little to make them easier to manage

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  1. Begin putting your arrangement together by working from the center out. It can be useful to start with a bigger bloom such as a garden rose in the middle, and then surround it with a mixture of some of the smaller flowers.
  2. Aim to create clusters of color by using several of the same flower next to each other for small blooms like ranunculus. Think about placing diverse textures and sizes next to each other to add visual interest.
  3. Have fun! Play around with different combinations until you come up with something that you love.
  4. When you are happy with the composition of your arrangement, cut a piece of string, tie it around the stems of your flowers as close to the tops of the stems as possible, and tie a snug knot.
  5. Cut off any excess yarn or string, and trim the stems of your flowers to a uniform height of your choosing.

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Now just fill up your vase with water, and simply place the arrangement inside! You may have to adjust the flowers slightly once placed in the vase to get the desired visual effect. Happy Friendsgiving!



Thanks so much to Back Bay Florist! If you’re looking to send a handmade Friendsgiving arrangement like the one above, head on over to BloomNation.

Photos c/o Back Bay Florist