Spring is a looked-for time of year, no matter which region of the country you are in. For some, it’s an end to the winter doldrums, with a shining sun and emerging colors; for others, it’s more of a hope and promise than a reality. In either case, your local florist can help you celebrate your spring wedding with flowers that burst with color and freshness. Below are a few traditional blooms for this time of year, but there is no need to limit yourself to these—spring is a time of renewal and bounty, so you can be sure of finding your favorite seasonal wedding flowers with a simple search.

Tulips – Though closely associated with Dutch gardens, tulips are grown in many regions, with a variety that spans from the traditional colorful tulip to various, more innovative species.

Daffodils – These bright, happy flowers embody the spirit of spring, and bring smiles to almost all faces. As your florist will tell you, though, daffodils do best in a bouquet all by themselves, or combined only with others within the species, such as the white narcissus.

Hyacinths – These fragrant flowers have a dramatic appearance, with their dense, rising clusters of petals; their lovely array of colors (ranging from blue, white and yellow to variations of red and pink and violet) make them perfect spring-brightening flowers.

Daisies – For tried and true spring blooms, it’s hard to beat the daisy. Its brilliant array of hues, the tightly clustered petals and happy associations make the daisy a spring favorite.

Roses – Roses, of course, are a floral staple all year long, but even they shine brightly in spring. Soft yellow, dusky pink, blues, reds and violets are only the beginning of the amazing variety available in different rose species.

Lilies – Spring and lilies go together—they are often the primary floral decoration at seasonal events, and in bouquets. Like other flowers, lilies come in a variety of colors and species, ensuring you can find that perfect type for your occasion.

Go Local for Spring

One of the primary advantages of shopping for wedding flowers in BloomNation.com’s floral marketplace is that each and every one of the listed florists is local. What this means is that not only do they have access to the freshest flowers, they also have at hand the regional spring blooms that add that special something to local wedding bouquets.