For anyone with loved ones, friends, family, employees or co-workers, the season for gift giving is year round! Florists are especially helpful when you just don’t know what to give someone, too. Not only will they use their talents to create unique, long-lasting bouquets–most also can provide those little extras that make the gift even more memorable. No matter the occasion, when you order your flower arrangements, make sure to look for the added items that enhance your gift.


Chocolates, as well as other types of candies, are always favorites for many occasions. Romantic ones, of course–who doesn’t imagine opening the door to a delivery of a lovely bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a box of chocolates? But candies also make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and just about any other occasion. Just keep in mind that not everyone likes chocolate, or can eat sugary items; your local florist will know of good alternates in these instances.


Celebrations! That’s what adding balloons to your gift usually signifies. A new baby, a birthday for the young and the old, or even a job promotion are times to think of including balloons with the bouquet. Another reason might be that someone has opened a new business, or had a success that you want to help celebrate. Of course, as with any gift, you can give flower arrangements and balloons for no more reason than “just because,” and unexpectedly brighten someone’s day.

Stuffed Animals

Who doesn’t love little plush bears or rabbits? These keepsakes are wonderful for romantic gifts, but are also favorites for all occasions, genders and age groups. Little cuddly figures peeking out from behind a gorgeous floral display add that something extra to your gift giving. With the holidays coming up, this is something to keep in mind for housewarming gifts, or for birthdays that fall close to holidays or for any-day presents.

Gift Baskets

Have you been invited to a housewarming, or a grand opening? Gift baskets make the perfect accompaniment to bouquets for these happenings, as well as other occasions. What’s in the baskets depends on the local florists, so make sure to take advantage of the ability BloomNation gives you to deal with them directly. You can make sure that you are sending the perfect gift basket and bouquet to your recipient.

To make it even more convenient, you can choose one or combine a few gifts to go along with your bouquet order at the end of your shopping experience. BloomNation automatically shows you what your chosen local florist has available–you simply click to add that item, and it will be delivered right to your recipient, along with the bouquet.