The English are well-known for their gardens of all types, ranging from tiny entrance plots to multi-acre estates. Perhaps the best known, and most loved, of English gardens, though, is the country garden, with its profusion of plants and colors. In film, books and in tradition, cottages and manors were filled with blooms plucked from the gardens, and placed throughout the home.

This is why flower arrangements are so important when you are decorating your own home in the English country manor style. They enhance the atmosphere you are trying to invoke, allowing visitors to step from one world into another when they enter your home. Local florists can be a big help here, particularly in designing unique bouquets that capture the essence of an English countryside.

Line and Style

Though there are flower varieties people most associate with English gardens, you can use almost any flower type as long as your bouquet has the right style elements. Your florist will likely pay attention to the height of the flowers, as well as the density of the placement, when designing your more formal bouquets. These are the ones often set on a table in an entryway, or placed underneath a wall of framed photos or paintings.

Shorter, more spread out, yet still densely packed, arrangements add the perfect touch as centerpieces or on sideboards.


Bouquets for English country manor settings are often profusions of color, echoing the hues in the gardens themselves. Though pastel colors abound–pale pinks, blues, yellows and purples–they are usually interspersed with deep, vibrant colors. Red, orange, many greens create add punch to the different bouquet design styles.

Traditional Flowers

Roses, pansies, columbine and forget-me-nots are just a few of the species often grown in English gardens. To list all the varieties would make a very long list when you consider some gardeners cultivated flowers that originated from many parts of the world.

If your home decor, party design or bouquet preference is that of an English country manor, let your florist know.’s floral marketplace is filled with local florist who, with an artistic arrangement and suitable container, can add just the right enhancement to your style.