Flowers of any sort brighten days and moods and add a little something to people’s lives, just by existing. Whether they are growing wild along a highway, carefully cultivated in a garden, or elaborately arranged in a bouquet, flowers provide visual stimulation and, sometimes, leave the memory of their enticing scent in their wake. In the hands of a professional, however, even the simplest, sunniest blooms can be manipulated in specific ways to evoke moods, saturate an atmosphere and stand out in any décor. When it’s a dramatic bouquet you are seeking, it’s not always about which flower you use, but how you use it.


Color is important. Designers who wish to encourage a calm, serene atmosphere will often choose light blues and greens as wall colors, as those hues have been shown to be calming. Yellows are good for happy things and lavender for romance—but if you want to invoke drama, red is your primary color. All shades of red, although the deeper the color, the more drama is brought to mind. But your savvy florist won’t stop there; interspersed with the dramatic red will likely be deep purples, greens and orange variations. For that color pop, either the lighter hues of the primary colors, or something completely different, such as cream, white or perhaps gold that accents perfectly.


With the right arrangement, almost any flower can be dramatic, but there are a few whose reputation proceeds them. Roses, of course, can be both light and frilly and dark and seductive, depending on the species, color and how they are used. Orchids have a reputation (somewhat undeserved) for being a dramatic, difficult flower, but worth the time because few others match their astounding beauty. Lilies, including calla lilies, may be stately and serene, but they also can be wildly romantic, lush and colorful, just waiting for the right background to showcase them.


When it all comes together, however, it’s not the color or species of the flowers that give a floral design that extra kick: it’s the style. In the hands of a talented local florist, three long-stemmed flowers may become an intricate arrangement, one that uses little besides a container, the stems, and the blooms… but turns out to be eye-catching, dramatic and something you’d love to display always.

A look through’s floral marketplace will give you an idea of which local florist’s style best matches your mood-setting expectations. Whether your chosen mood is drama, happiness or, of course, romance, you will find a bouquet design to match it.