Most of the time when people send flowers for important dates it’s a matter of flowers…. and. Flowers and a gift, flowers and candy, and so on. But is it ever acceptable to simply send or give flowers on these occasions, and have that be the entirety of the gift? Of course, a lot depends on who you are and your circumstances, as well as who the gift is for—but, in general, the answer is yes. With a judicious choice, a gift of flowers may be all the present that is needed.

But, there are a few things you, in concert with your florist, can do to make sure your present of flowers is a special one.


We would not suggest just running into a store, or even into a flower shop, and picking the first thing you see. That’s fine when the flowers are simply a backdrop to the real present—but not when they are the present themselves. Instead, find out what colors, types of flowers or plants, and designs are appealing to your special someone. Do they love yellow? Have they expressed a desire to view an English garden? Perhaps they prefer a streamlined, zen-style in their décor and personal items. Pay attention to who the gift is for, and work with your florist to make it as personal as possible.

Unique and Innovative

Florists, especially the ones in BloomNation’s floral marketplace, are always creating and coming up with new and interesting floral designs. A dozen roses can be more than simply a bouquet in the hands of expert designers. With an amazing variety of elegant, fanciful, tradition and other containers, those roses can be turned into conversation pieces, keepsakes and important and long-lasting memories.

In short, flowers can replace presents on many special occasions, but usually only with planning, care and attention. Look through some of the designs in BloomNation’s marketplace of florists, but, most importantly, take advantage of your ability to communicate directly with the local florist of your choice. Let them know what you are planning, for what occasion, and something about the special someone you are planning the gift for. They’ll be happy to create something just for you and your special someone.