Whether you’re shopping for your mom, grandma, wife, or friend, we promise you’ll find the best blooms here. But with so many options, choosing the right arrangement can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (phew). Check out our Mother’s Day bloom breakdown below for every (but not just any) mom—including flower types, styles, and hues!. So even if you haven’t found the perfect arrangement yet, we have a feeling you will by the end of this post.

For The Sweet And Thoughtful Mom

may2016-1What Makes This Mom Special: she lifts spirits, warms hearts, gives comfort, and can get you to smile on the toughest days.
Top Picks: garden roses, ranunculus, tulips, peony, lilies, hydrangea, and sweet pea
Her Hues: Stick to arrangements in warm and soft shades like pink, peach, and cream. We give bonus style points for designs punctuated with pops of mint green and yellow.
What Makes These Perfect: The palette and lush textures echo her dotting personality. She’ll be particularly touched by you celebrating her compassionate side and reciprocating with extra care. Especially if you haven’t in awhile.
Ideal For: moms that are new to the game

For The Life-Lesson Mom

may2016-3What Makes This Mom Special: somehow she always knows best about everything. From mastering practical how-tos to learning something about yourself: she guides you through it all.
Top Picks: garden roses, orchids, ranunculus, fragrant stock, baby hydrangea, tulips, mums, mint, geraniums, lisianthus, gerbera daisies
Her Hues: Look for a stronger version of Sweet and Thoughtful colors. Pinks lean on the coral side, greens and yellows are richer, and cream gets replaced by pops of purple.
What Makes These Perfect: Intensifying the combination of scents, colors, and textures helps to bring back the memories. These elements create a spring garden style that naturally has a nostalgic feel she’ll love.
Ideal For: your grandmother

For The Extra Warm And Compassionate Mom

may2016-5What Makes This Mom Special: She’s rare. Mother’s have an incredible ability to feel what their children are feeling, creating a sense empathy, understanding, and love. And as we get older, we realize just how unique mom’s tender heart is.
Top Picks: garden roses, stock, ornamental kale, lily, mums
Her Hues: Go for blooms that balance bold colors with muted textures. This combination infuses flowers with warm, vivid, and nostalgic vibes.
What Makes These Perfect: a bold style gives these blooms a special feel that reflects just how exceptional mom is
Ideal For: the mom that specializes in banishing bad days

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