Giving babies names based on things in nature is something parents have been doing for a few thousand years. Though, it should be noted, it doesn’t only go one way. Just as people have been named for flowers, so have flowers and plants been named for people, at least according to many myths and legends. The tradition possibly reached its height in Victorian times, when it was common for mostly girl, but also boy, children to sport plant or flower names. It’s a tradition still popular in modern days, where naming children something a little different, but still lovely, has become an art form. Here, below, are ten popular and also, perhaps, a little obscure flora names for babies. For other ideas besides these, why not ask your local florist, who has a multitude of flower names at his or her fingertips?

Rose – Roses are some of the most popular flowers in the world, and Rose a popular girl’s name. Their blooms adorn both elaborate and simple bouquets, and their scent is a staple in everything from perfume to hand lotions and bath salts.

Lily – Tall, willowy blooms, or shorter delicate flowers in a myriad of colors ensure that the many types of lily are ever popular, both as part of a floral designs, and as a name bestowed mostly on girls.

Aster – Aster means star, and one look at the flower with its spread of colorful petals tells you why. Both boys and girls have carried this name, depending on current fashion.

Birk – Another tree, a birk is a sort of Scottish birch tree.

Fern – The lovely, graceful fern fronds that sway in the sun, or add so much depth and interest to bouquets, may be one reason this name is so popular, from time to time, for babies.

Heath – A heath is a moor, in Old English, but its resemblance to “Heathcliff” of Wuthering Heights fame may account for part of its endurance on the baby names lists.

Holly – Even if they didn’t remind people of Christmas, the beauty and versatility of the holly, as well as the lovely sound, would make it a perfect flower name.

Laurel – Various species of laurel trees grow in different parts of the globe, so babies named after this natural specimen of nature’s bounty.

Daisy – The loyal, ubiquitous daisy, that also happens to be beautiful in so many ways, is another example of one of the most popular floral baby names for centuries.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a name you like on this list—any florist in’s marketplace of florists would be happy to help you with suggestions for flower-based boys or girls names. Or you can simply look through all the professionally designed bouquets and seek out the names of flowers that appeal to you, while enjoying their beauty at the same time.