It’s no surprise that someone getting a gift of flowers would smile widely, happier because they were in someone’s thoughts. But what is surprising to some people is that studies have shown that, beyond the joys of getting a present, the flowers themselves may be responsible for that mood lift. And that moods can be manipulated (in a good way) by the simple placement of the right type of flowers, in the right space. Flowers really can do the talking, so look below for an idea of how these mood-changing petals work.

The “Happiness” Factor

As mentioned above, the gift of flowers can engender an immediate response, usually happiness, joy, laughter, or at least a smile. People report feeling an immediate uplift, just in the presence of the flowers, whether these are in a garden, or in a bouquet professionally designed by a local florist.

Long-Lasting Mood Swing

It’s not a one-time thing, this affect that flowers have on the emotions. The one gift of a bouquet on a special day, or for no occasion at all, can keep giving for a while. Participants in the studies reported that even when the flowers reached the point that they had to be gotten rid of, the feeling brought about by the gift remained. They felt less stress, a lightened sense of depression and less agitation. When someone stops to smell the roses, they are really doing themselves a bit of good.

Bridging Emotional Divides

Are flowers a bridge between loved ones or family? They can be. Saying you’re sorry can be easier if you hand the other person a bouquet first. Or letting flowers express your appreciation, congratulations or even sorrow. Sometimes words are not there, or they are not enough… the gift of flowers lessens the stress of the moment for everyone.

Flowers can’t solve every problem, of course, but it’s good to know that they can help. Ask your local florist, or any florist in’s floral marketplace about flowers and moods—and what your best choice is for expressing yourself with flowers.