There’s an old adage that says manners maketh a man, and so it seems that this proverb translates most fittingly into business settings also.

There are hundreds of flower arrangements to gift, and while the type of flower is definitely a consideration in business dealings, consider these other rules of thumb:

  • Special occasions like a manager’s birthday might be tempting to give a floral arrangement or a cake. However, rather than giving as an individual, consider pooling with other members of the team to acknowledge the occasion. Doing otherwise may seem as if you’re fishing for favors in the eyes of the boss and co-workers. Would you blame them for thinking this way?
  • Does anyone in your office have an allergy? If this is unbeknownst to you, then selecting a floral arrangement that isn’t strongly scented will be a better option over a sweet smelling bundle of jasmines or junipers for instance.
  • This is relative, but a gift of appreciation to a client would fare better as a basket of goodies, more so than a floral arrangement which depicts a too-personal message.
  • Know when to zip-it. If there’s suspicion of a celebration – like a baby on board, wait until the owner spills the beans (themselves, rather than hearsay), before going all out on celebrations with flowers.
  • Express condolences with flowers. There’s no right or wrong way here.

Most of us wouldn’t second guess giving flowers in business – to coworkers, bosses, client, etc. Turns out, there’s a proper etiquette for everything and this includes sending flowers within organizations.

Such  abundance of protocol and flower selections can be mind-boggling. However, with filters set up on local flower delivery sites, coupled with advice columns, minding  your manners will be an easy trade.

These tips help you to avoid that awkward silence from sending something that’s completely inappropriate. Also, local florists can hand-deliver floral bouquets to convey more professionalism, as well as to share suggestions on the best types of flowers to mark different occasions.